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Here’s how John Bradley thinks Samwell Tarly should die on Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones has a history of unfortunate deaths of a lot of characters, and those deaths are usually pretty heart breaking. And seeing as how easily prone characters are to dying on the HBO fantasy drama, a lot of people make up scenarios and theories about how a certain character might meet his or […]

Actor Jacob Anderson who plays Grey Worm on Game of Thrones won’t be disappointed if his character is killed

Since characters on Game of Thrones have a horrible habit of dying whenever the writers wish, we know that there is usually no hope for most people on the show to survive. Where a lot of fans and some actors as well fear for their lives on the HBO fantasy drama, the actor who plays […]

Faye Marsay AKA the Waif shoots down a popular fan theory about Arya Stark

Fan theories are a common occurrence when there is no Game of Thrones being aired to get us through our mundane lives, and many of these fan theories, brilliant as they might be, do not usually make it to the show or the books. However, there are some that do *cough* R+L=J *cough* come true. […]

Sophie Turner thinks the Kardashians wouldn’t survive on Game of Thrones

The Kardashians are a wildly popular bunch of celebrities, who are unapologetic about what they do most of the time, something that a lot of characters on Game of Thrones are popular for as well. You’d think that some real life people might not survive on the HBO fantasy drama, and it wouldn’t probably surprise […]

Game of Thrones star Isaac Hempstead Wright on a possible Jon and Bran interaction

Jon Snow might not know who his parents are but us viewers along with Bran Stark himself(whose vision was the revelation of Jon’s true parents), are pretty much in the know of the fact that Jon is the child of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. We don’t know when Jon will find out that he’s […]

Apparently Game of Thrones is loved by Democrats and hated by Republicans

The Democrat and Republican battle is raging in America these days, and one would think that a television show wouldn’t have anything major to do with it. However, Game of Thrones does seem to have a lot to do with both the parties it seems. As per what the Guardian has revealed, the Republicans are […]

The Mountain from Game of Thrones promotes his Vodka brand in a hilarious way

Game of Thrones has many exciting and hugely interesting characters, but there is one interesting character who is literally huge, and that is the Mountain, Ser Gregor Clegane, who makes up for an awesome human being in real life. The actor who plays Clegane, Hafþór Björnsson, is so popular for his part on Game of Thrones, that […]

Game of Thrones actor Kristian Nairn talks about what Hodor would say to Bran

One of the most beloved character on Game of Thrones was Hodor, whose tragic death in season 6 left all the fans in tears. With the amount of love that Hodor has gotten despite not uttering a single word apart from ‘Hodor’, we know that he’s going to be missed the most out of all […]

Game of Thrones stars tried their best to avoid season 7 spoilers at Comic Con

Game of Thrones stars appeared at the San Diego Comic Con panel where the discussions about the next season of the HBO fantasy drama were in full swing. Since season 6 left us with giant cliffhangers and a heavy heart to wait until season 7, and as much as fans don’t want spoilers during the […]

Video of the Mountain lifting 200 pound dumbbells goes viral

Hafthór Björnsson plays the Mountain on Game of Thrones, and we’ve all seen how physically strong the man is, not only on the show but also in real life. The Icelandic strongman has won a number of competitions, and that hasn’t stopped him from training for more such competitions as well. His training videos from […]

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