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High Valyrian Dictionary



We have launched the High Valyrian Dictionary as an experiment to offer a useful feature for our readers. If you can help us in improving this feature or want to share suggestions about how we can improve it, please drop us a message. We also welcome suggestions about any tools or games that fans of the show/books will love.

We may not have dragons to fly high and conquer the seven kingdoms like the mighty Targaryens did way back then, but we sure can understand their ancestral language – High Valyrian.

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What is the High Valyrian Language?

Created by David J. Peterson, High Valyrian is the language of royalty as heard in the HBO show Game of Thrones. Spoken by the true-born royals of Essos and Westeros, the language is used in poetry, literature, and verbal exchanges alike.

Old Valyria may have crumbled to ashes as prophesied by Daenys The Dreamer, but the High Valyrian language has endured the test of time. Moreover, dragons from Valyria understand High Valyrian and the Targaryens command their earnest companions in the same language. Another golden reason to know what the Valyrian language sounds like!

What is a High Valyrian Translator?

Through our advanced tool, you can now immerse yourself in the princely world of Valyria, where dragons ruled the skies and lands alike. Enter any word or phrase of your choice in English and watch as the translator tells you exactly how that would be spoken in High Valyrian. It’s time you see what it’s like to be a Targaryen and speak the language of Kings and Queens. The English-to-Valyrian translation will be as accurate as it can be, though certain words may not have a Valyrian translation since the language is entirely fictional.

Valyrian Dictionary by Wiki of Thrones

This Valyrian Dictionary by Wiki of Thrones uses the Valyrian language and resources created by David J. Peterson. Uses code by Luca Ongaro, 2022, MIT license.

Disclaimer: Valyrian Dictionary by Wiki of Thrones is not affiliated with Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin, or HBO/WBD. All trademarks belong to their respective owners. The various properties for which David Peterson has created languages are all owned by their respective parent companies. All rights reserved.