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Who is Daeron Targaryen? Everything you need to know about the House of the Dragon character




Though a large number of characters were introduced in the first season of House of the Dragon, one very crucial character was missing from the ranks of the Targaryens. Prince Daeron Targaryen was a member of the Green faction and a dragonrider who played a large part in many of the battles in the Dance of the Dragons.

Prince Daeron Targaryen earned the title of Daeron the Daring due to his exploits during The Dance of the Dragons. This article covers everything we know so far about Prince Daeron Targaryen.

Daeron Targaryen’s appearance, character, and life before the war


Daeron Targaryen was the third son of King Viserys I and Queen Alicent Hightower. Like most Targaryens, Daeron was fair-skinned with silver blond hair and eyes of a purple hue. He was considered handsome and was also the most popular of his three brothers, being considerate, intelligent, and peaceful. Since he was the youngest in line after Aegon, Aemond, and Helaena, he was more used to following orders than giving them.

When he was born, his father, King Viserys I, had him share a wet nurse with his grandson Jacaerys, Rhaenyra’s youngest son. Viserys did this in an attempt to make sure that the two princes grew up without hostility, as there was already bad blood between their mothers, Alicent and Rhaenyra. Unfortunately, Viserys’ attempts failed, as the two princes also grew up bitter rivals.

Daeron had a she-dragon named Tessarion by the age of six, though he did not ride her until much later. When he turned twelve, his family sent him to Oldtown to serve as a cupbearer and squire to Lord Ormund Hightower, Queen Alicent’s cousin. This is the main reason that he does not appear in season 1 of House of the Dragon.

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What happens to Prince Daeron Targaryen during the Dance of the Dragons?


When the Dance of the Dragons started, Daeron marched from Oldtown along with Lord Ormund Hightower’s army. They fought in the Battle of the Honeywine, where Ormund almost faced defeat. His army was saved by Prince Daeron riding Tessarion. For this act, Ormund knighted Prince Daeron with the Valyrian sword Vigilance and bestowed upon him the title “Daeron the Daring”.

When King’s Landing fell in the latter part of the war, Daeron was the greatest threat to Rhaenyra’s rule. Many noble houses swore their allegiance to the Greens to avoid facing Daeron’s dragon Tessarion. During the sack of Bitterbridge, Daeron had his dragon burn down the entire town. He refused to show mercy because his nephew Prince Maelor had died at Bitterbridge of unknown causes, though one account stated that he had been torn apart by a mob of angry people from the town.

Daeron became first in line for the throne when King Aegon II went missing after the fall of King’s Landing since Prince Aemond had died in the Battle Above the God’s Eye. Opinions were divided among factions on whether Daeron ought to be crowned Prince of Dragonstone or King of the realm. When Hugh Hammer proclaimed that Daeron should be crowned king, Daeron was said to have thrown wine in Hugh’s face.

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Daeron Targaryen’s Death and Legacy


Daeron ultimately faced his demise in the Second Battle of Tumbleton. Though it’s not known how he died, one tale that surfaced of his death was that a sellsword named Black Trombo killed him with a Morningstar. This is said to have happened as Prince Daeron emerged from his tent with his clothes on fire from the flames of the dragon Seasmoke. Though there are other tales told of his death, the one that the historians Munkun and Gyldayn agree upon is that Daeron’s burning tent collapsed on top of him.

When King Aegon II briefly regained the Iron Throne, he ordered the building of giant statues of his fallen brothers Aemond and Daeron in King’s Landing. The building of these statues was eventually halted by Ser Tyland Lannister after King Aegon III came to power.

Since his death was of a mysterious nature and Prince Daeron’s body was never identified, many pretenders arose during the reign of King Aegon III, claiming to be Prince Daeron himself. However, according to the historian Maester Yandel, all these pretenders were conclusively proven to be impostors.

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What to expect from Prince Daeron Targaryen in House of the Dragon


Prince Daeron Targaryen has been conspicuous with his absence from House of the Dragon Season 1. Despite this, there have been a few references to him in passing that may have gone unnoticed. The House of the Dragon intro theme shows a cog representing Alicent Hightower and 4 lines of blood flowing from it, representing her 4 children.

Since we have already seen three, it’s apparent that the fourth represents Daeron. It has been confirmed by George R.R. Martin that Daeron does exist in the timeline but that the writers did not have time to fit him into the events of Season, as there were already too many characters being introduced.

Martin confirmed that Daeron is currently in Oldtown. It’s likely that Daeron will learn about his father Viserys’ death while in Oldtown and march forth with his uncle Ormund Hightower’s army. We can expect to see the Battle of the Honeywine in Season 2, where Daeron will be knighted for his valiant acts.

Daeron’s character is likely to be a stark contrast to his brothers Aegon and Aemond, as he is said to be the kindest and gentlest of the siblings. There are various casting rumors about who will play him.

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Most recently, actor Jack Cunningham has been rumored to be playing the role, and the actor himself has given a hint about his casting on Instagram by sharing a plushie of a blue dragon on his Instagram story. Daeron’s dragon Tessarion is known to have blue scales and was also nicknamed The Blue Queen.

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