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Interview3 weeks ago

Kit Harington is ‘really impressed’ with House of The Dragon Season 1

Interview3 weeks ago

House of The Dragon showrunner Ryan Condal on the hate writer Sara Hess is receiving from fans

General3 weeks ago

HBO lists Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen as one of their 50 most iconic characters

News3 weeks ago

HBO submits Paddy Considine and Emma D’Arcy as lead actor and actress for Emmy Awards

Interview3 weeks ago

Showrunner Ryan Condal addresses complaints that House of The Dragon episodes were too dark to watch

Interview3 weeks ago

George R.R. Martin would love to do a novella about Rhaenyra Targaryen and Harwin Strong’s relationship

News3 weeks ago

Warner Bros to adapt George R.R. Martin’s Ice Dragon short story into an animated film

Interview3 weeks ago

Emma D’Arcy reveals if Daemon was physically violent with Rhaenyra before House of The Dragon Season 1 finale

Interview3 weeks ago

George R.R. Martin hasn’t played Elden Ring yet, says he’s busy writing Winds of Winter

News3 weeks ago

House of The Dragon’s Emma D’Arcy is one of the honorees of GQ’s Men of the year!

olivia cooke as queen alicent episode 6
Interview3 weeks ago

Olivia Cooke was worried that her feet fetish scene from House of The Dragon would end up on ‘various’ sites

Interview3 weeks ago

George R.R. Martin and Neil Gaiman absolutely hate it whenever Hollywood makes ‘illegitimate’ changes to source material

Interview4 weeks ago

House of the Dragon crew had to airlift the Dragonstone set for Episode 10

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