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What happened during the Battle of the Burning Mill? Will we see it in House of the Dragon season 2?



battle of the burning mill house of the dragon season 2

House of the Dragon season 2 will be way bloodier than the first season. Fans are comparing the upcoming battle scenes to be even more gory than the legendary Battle of the Bastards from the Game of Thrones prequel. Since the new season is only eight episodes long, we wonder how many battles from the book will make it to the screen. While Battle at Rook’s Rest and Battle of the Gullet are the most probable on-screen fights of the season, let’s see if Battle of the Burning Mill will make it amidst the tough competition.

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Why was the Battle of the Burning Mill significant?

Battle of the burning mill house of the dragon season 2

Though this was not the first victory in the civil war that will be known as the Dance of the Dragons, it is widely considered to be the first true battle in the war. Prior to this, Prince Daemon Targaryen captured the biggest castle in the Seven Kingdoms, Harrenhal. This conquest is known as the Fall of Harrenhal or Assault on Harrenhal, and there were no casualties.

Thus, the Battle of the Burning Mill signifies the site of the first bloodshed and casualties of the Targaryen civil war. It all began when House Blackwood, under Lord Samwell Blackwood (we might have already seen him in season 1; read on to find out who he is), declared for Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen, and House Bracken, led by Ser Amos Bracken, sided with King Aegon II Targaryen.

What exactly happened during the battle?

In 129 AC, Lord Samwell Blackwood dispatched raiders to invade Bracken territory, prompting Ser Amos Bracken to retaliate by mobilizing his forces and advancing into Blackwood lands. The Blackwoods caught the Brackens off guard while they were encamped near a river, possibly the Red Fork.

During the ensuing battle, Ser Amos engaged in single combat with Lord Blackwood and emerged victorious, slaying his opponent. However, Ser Amos met his own demise when he was struck down by a weirwood arrow, purportedly fired by Lord Samwell’s sixteen-years- old sister, Alysanne. The riverside mill, situated nearby, was set ablaze during the intense conflict.

Subsequently, Ser Raylon Rivers assumed command and led the surviving Bracken soldiers in a strategic retreat to Stone Hedge. However, in the meantime, Prince Daemon Targaryen had managed to seize control of the Bracken castle. Thus, the Blacks emerged victorious and captured Stone Hedge as well.

Will we see Battle of the Burning Mill on House of the Dragon season 2?

samwell blackwood house of the dragon battle of the burning mill

House of the Dragon has not missed the chance to highlight the centuries-long feud between House Blackwood and House Bracken. In season one, episode 4 of House of the Dragon, we see a Blackwood boy, much younger than Princess Rhaenyra, make his pitch as her potential husband, among many other suitors. While the Blackwood is trying his hardest to make his case, he keeps being interjected by a Bracken boy named Jerren, set to bully him into embarrassment in front of everyone gathered at Storm’s End.

This fresh-faced boy is named Willem Blackwood. After Rhaenyra politely rejects him, the Bracken lad pokes fun at him some more. And the next thing we know, both the youngsters have their swords out, and Willem guts Jerren with ease. When it comes down to it, no one knows exactly why these two houses have been fighting all this while.

The feud between young boys in season one makes us believe it is possible that the show will indulge us in some more Bracken vs. Blackwood lore with the Battle of the Burning Mill. It is also the first proper battle and will establish the Blacks’ winning streak for the viewers. The Greens’ desire and desperation to establish their victory will help set up the plot for the Battle of the Gullet.

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Theory: Is Willem none other than Samwell Blackwood?

In the book on which the show is based, Fire& Blood, there is no character of that name. So either Samwell has now been rebranded to Willem to avoid confusion with Samwell Tarly from Game of Thrones. This is further supported by the fact that the age gap between Willem and Princess Rhaenyra on screen is very similar to her age difference with Samwell Blackwood in the books. Samwell is ten years younger than Rhaenyra. So by this timeline, it is impossible for Willem to be Samwell’s father or son.

Also, in the book, a scene similar to the one in Storm’s End occurs. Except this time, it happens at the Trident, and Samwell Blackwood loses a duel against Amos Bracken (yes, the same Amos who kills Samwell at Burning Mill). Here again, they were fighting over Princess Rhaenyra’s hand in marriage.

So it is highly likely that Samwell Blackwood will appear on screen as Willem Blackwood. And Amos killing him will also serve as revenge for stabbing Jerren Bracken.

When will House of the Dragon season 2 release?

For now, all we know is that the earliest we can expect season 2 is by April 2024. Filming is still ongoing in North Wales currently, and it will take a total of 8 months to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are the Blackwoods and the Brackens?

They are two ancient houses in the Riverlands. Their ancestors were part of the First Men who settled in Westeros centuries ago.

2. Why are Blackwoods and Brackens always fighting and feuding?

Both the houses claim that they were the original Kings of the Riverlands and the other usurped them. No one knows who is actually right.

3. Where were these two houses in Game of Thrones?

Both the houses join hands under Robb Stark’s agenda to make Riverlands a separate kingdom.

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