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House of the Dragon’s most underrated teenage warrior is yet to arrive (No, he’s not a dragonrider!)



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George R. R. Martin‘s world of Westeros features some of the most amazing, often quirky, and incredibly skilled fighters ever written in the fantastical world. Both Game of Thrones and its prequel House of the Dragon has legendary warriors who will be playing a big part in the upcoming civil war in Season 2. However, there is one young warrior from Fire & Blood you might’ve never heard of, who can even give Jon Snow a run for his money.

The most underrated teen warrior of Fire & Blood – Bloody Ben

Most fans are looking forward to meeting Prince Daeron Targaryen, Alicent Hightower’s third son, in the second season of House of the Dragon. He has largely been unheard of in the first season, despite being a driving force in the Dance of the Dragons, which surprised a lot of fans who have read the book. However, there is one more young warrior from Fire & Blood who might arrive in House of the Dragon in the future, and he doesn’t need a dragon to prove his ferocity.

Who was Bloody Ben?

The Lord of Raventree Hall and the leader of House Blackwood during the Dance of the Dragons and subsequently under the rule of King Aegon III Targaryen was Benjicot Blackwood, also known by his troops as Bloody Ben. He assisted in driving Criston Cole out of Harrenhal, commanded the center at Second Tumbleton, and during the Muddy Mess, he led the flank attack from the woods that defeated Borros Baratheon’s stormlanders and won the day. He was only 13 at the time of the civil war.

Will Bloody Ben appear in House of the Dragon?

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Bloody Ben might appear in later seasons of House of the Dragon, as his father already did in the first season. Remember the young Blackwood boy who showed up to claim young Rhaenyra’s hand in marriage at Stormlands? He was Samwell Blackwood, father of Ben, and would go on to pledge his allegiance to the Blacks during the Dance of the Dragons. So it is highly likely that the vicious young warrior might arrive in later seasons of House of the Dragon.

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