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All The Winds of Winter excerpts shared by George R. R. Martin so far



George R. R. Martin and The Winds of Winter

The Winds of Winter, the highly-anticipated penultimate volume in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, has been in the works for over a decade. However, last year, Martin revealed that the book is “about three-quarters of the way done,” and he has just “another 500 pages” to write.

As the show ended a while ago, and Martin confirmed that the book’s ending would be different from that of the show, there are a lot of theories that need answers and questions related to the fate of the character in The Winds of Winter.

While there is still no official release date, fans have been able to read 11 advance chapters of the book that Martin has released over the years that give a glimpse into what’s to come. We will be covering and summarizing all the excerpts shared from The Winds of Winter.

How much longer? When is The Winds of Winter coming out?

Alayne (Sansa)

Sansa Stark in the Vale as Alayne

Credit: HBO

Sansa Stark is in the Vale, disguised as Littlefinger’s daughter Alayne. She is trying to win over the lords of the Vale to support her claim to Winterfell. In this chapter, she attends a tournament and meets with some of the lords, including Harry the Heir. She also learns more about Littlefinger’s plans and his true intentions toward her.

Alayne loved it here. She felt alive again, for the first since her father… since Lord Eddard Stark had died.

George R. R. Martin released the full chapter in 2015. Read the complete chapter on Alayne here.

Arianne I


Arianne Martell is traveling to meet with Aegon Targaryen, who has landed in Westeros with an army. She hopes to convince him to marry her and unite their houses. In this chapter, she reflects on her past and her relationship with her father, Doran Martell. She also meets with some of Aegon’s advisors, including Jon Connington, and learns more about their plans to take the Iron Throne.

To Prince Doran of House Martell,
You will remember me, I pray. I knew your sister well,
and was a leal servant of your good-brother. I grieve
for them as you do. I did not die, no more than did
your sister’s son. To save his life we kept him hidden,
but the time for hiding is done. A dragon has returned
to Westeros to claim his birthright and seek vengeance
for his father, and for the princess Elia, his mother.
In her name I turn to Dorne. Do not forsake us.
Jon Connington
Lord of Griffin’s Roost
Hand of the True King

Read the chapter Arianne I here. Martin released this chapter on his website in May 2016.

Arianne II

House martell sigil

Credit: HBO

Arianne meets with Aegon and his advisors to discuss their plans further. They talk about their strategy for taking the Iron Throne and Arianne’s role in their campaign. Arianne also learns more about Aegon’s past and his claim to the throne.

“Within the castle proper, a dozen of the officers of the Golden Company had assembled to welcome the Dornish princess. One by one they took a knee before her and pressed their lips against the back of her hand, as Lysono Maar offered introductions. Most of the names fled her head almost as soon as she had heard them.”

Read the chapter: Arianne II here.


Ser Barristan Selmy trying to protect Mereen.

Credit: HBO

Barristan Selmy is in Meereen, trying to keep the peace between the city’s factions. He receives a message from Quentyn Martell, who has come to Meereen to marry Daenerys Targaryen. In this chapter, Barristan reflects on his past and his service to the Targaryen dynasty. He also meets with Quentyn and learns more about his mission to bring Daenerys back to Westeros. This chapter was included in the Dances with Dragons paperback edition.

A small mercy, that, thought Barristan Selmy, as he rode into the market square inside Meereen’s great western gate. When Daenerys had taken the city, they had broken through that same gate with the huge battering ram called Joso’s Cock, made from the mast of a ship. The Great Masters and their slave soldiers had met the attackers here, and the fighting had raged through the surrounding streets for hours. By the time the city finally fell, hundreds of dead and dying had littered the square.

Read the chapter on Barristan here.

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The Forsaken (Aeron)

Aeron Greyjoy

Credit: HBO

Aeron Greyjoy is being held captive by his brother Euron, who has become the new king of the Iron Islands. Euron is planning a massive attack on Westeros and has dark plans for Aeron. In this chapter, Aeron is tortured and forced to drink a hallucinogenic substance that makes him see terrifying visions.

And there, swollen and green, half-devoured by crabs, the Drowned God festered with the rest, seawater still dripping from his hair. Then, Euron Crow’s Eye laughed again, and the priest woke screaming in the bowels of Silence, as piss ran down his leg. It was only a dream, a vision born of foul black wine.”

Read the complete version of The Forsaken here.

Mercy (Arya)

Arya Stark in Bravoos

Credit: HBO

Arya Stark is in Braavos, working as an assassin for the Faceless Men. She is tasked with killing a corrupt insurance salesman, but things don’t go as planned. In this chapter, Arya uses her skills as an assassin to carry out the mission, but she also learns more about the politics of Braavos and the Faceless Men.

She woke with a gasp, not knowing who she was, or where.

The smell of blood was heavy in her nostrils… or was that her nightmare, lingering? She had dreamed of wolves again, of running through some dark pine forest with a great pack at her hells, hard on the scent of prey.

Read the complete version of Mercy here.

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Credit: HBO

Theon Greyjoy is being held captive by Stannis Baratheon, who is planning to use him to win over the Iron Islands. Theon is struggling with his identity and his past actions. In this chapter, Theon reflects on his past and his relationship with his family. He also meets with Stannis and learns more about his plans for the Iron Islands. Martin released this excerpt on his website.

Theon Greyjoy chortled. A stab of pain went up his arms, from his shoulders to his wrists. All he had done, all he had suffered, Moat Cailin and Barrowton and Winterfell, Abel and his washerwomen, Crowfood and his Umbers, the trek through the snows, all of it had only served to exchange one tormentor for another.

Read the complete chapter on Theon here.


Tyrion Lannister in The Winds of Winds

Credit: HBO

Tyrion Lannister is traveling with a group of sellswords, trying to make his way to Daenerys Targaryen. In this chapter, they encounter some trouble on the road, and Tyrion reflects on his past.

It was only then that Tyrion heard the shouts. He was lost in a black rage, drowning in a sea of memory, but the shouting brought the world back in a rush. He opened his hands, took a breath, turned away from Penny. “Something’s happening.” He went outside to discover what it was. Dragons.

Martin read out this chapter at a convention. Read the complete chapter on Tyrion here.


Victarion Greyjoy

Credit: Matt Olson

Victarion Greyjoy is traveling to Meereen to offer Daenerys Targaryen his fleet and his hand in marriage. In this chapter, he reflects on his past and his relationship with his brother Euron.

The oarsmen were all big. One was a boy, one a brute, one a bastard’s bastard. The Boy had been rowing for less than a year, the Brute for twenty. They had names, but Victarion did not know them. One had come from Lamentation, one from Sparrow Hawk, one from Spider Kiss. He could not be expected to know the names of every thrall who had ever pulled an oar in the Iron Fleet.

Martin also read out this chapter at a convention. Read the complete transcript of the chapter on Victarion here.

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While it can be difficult to wait for the next installment in a beloved series, it is important to remember that the wait will be worth it if it means that we get the best possible version of The Winds of Winter. In the meantime, fans can continue to enjoy the existing books and the rich and complex world of Westeros that Martin has created.

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