Home General The latest Game Of Thrones episode, “The Spoils of War” had a jaw-dropping ending!

The latest Game Of Thrones episode, “The Spoils of War” had a jaw-dropping ending!

The latest Game Of Thrones episode, “The Spoils of War” had a jaw-dropping ending!

What an episode!!! The latest Game Of Thrones episode, The Spoils of War is one amazing episode and it’s been some time since I finished watching the episode but I still have goosebumps and the primary reason for that is the epic battle sequence we got to witness at the end of the episode. I am sure, fans around the world are going crazy at the moment while talking about the battle where Daenerys annihilated the Lannister and Tarly army with the help of the Dothraki and Drogon! This is my favourite episode of this season and right at the top with some of my favourite episodes like Battle of the Bastards, The Winds of Winter.

The episode starts with the Lannisters going back to King’s Landing after successfully completing their mission to capture Highgarden and bring back all the gold so that it can be used to pay the Iron Bank. However, things don’t go as planned for Jaime and he finds out a huge Dothraki horde charging towards him and soon he has a huge reason to be afraid as he sees a dragon for the first time in his life.

Game Of Thrones season 7 episode 4 The Spoils of War

Jaime was very close to King’s Landing and could have escaped as their mission of retrieving the gold was successful, but he stood his ground, even when he could see the Dothraki and a Dragon charging towards him and that speaks a lot about him. He chose to fight with his men, rather than abandoning them and fleeing for safety.

Things quickly turn from bad to worse for Jaime as Drogon starts burning his men and also the wagons carrying the loot from Highgarden and then the Dothraki join the Lannister slaughter fest. The arrows turn out to be useless against Drogon and Jaime soon realizes that he needs Scorpion, which is the weapon that Qyburn created to kill the dragons and Jaime hands over the responsibility to Bronn to operate the weapon but Bronn first has to deal with a Dothraki warrior and the scene gives us a glimpse of how good the Dothraki are. Bronn who usually is the smarter guy and thinks out of the box to defeat his enemies finds out that is no match for the skills of a Dothraki and he has to run for his life.

Game Of Thrones season 7 episode 4 The Spoils of War

The scene reminded me of the Battle of the Bastards, where Jon is fighting against the Boltons and there’s complete chaos and death around him and the moment when Drogon flew over Bronn, it gave me goosebumps. Bronn finally manages to kill the Dothraki warrior and he takes an unsuccessful shot at Drogon, but before Daenerys returns to kill him, he successfully manages to shoot down Drogon and even though I love the dragons, I cheered for Bronn when this happened.

Game Of Thrones season 7 episode 4 The Spoils of War

Drogon somehow manages to stay in the air and he makes sure that the weapon is destroyed and thankfully, Bronn escapes just in time and avoids getting roasted by Drogon. We also get to see Tyrion as he is watching the battle unfold from a safe distance and I loved the scene where there was a small connection between Tyrion and Jaime. We can see two horses running on the field while pulling a burning wagon and both the brothers took a moment to look at it at the same time.

Game Of Thrones season 7 episode 4 The Spoils of War

Jaime then realizes that Drogon is injured and Daenerys is trying to remove the huge arrow that injured Drogon. Jaime sees this as an opportunity to kill Daenerys and win the war for his sister, even though it is definitely a suicide mission and he also knows that. Even Tyrion realises what Jaime is thinking and he immediately knows that it a foolish thing to attempt but Jaime charges towards Daenerys and just before he reaches her, Drogon comes to her rescue by breathing fire in Jaime’s direction, who’s saved just in time by Bronn. We can see Jaime sinking and we just hope that he doesn’t drown. It will be really sad to see Jaime dying in such a fashion.

Game Of Thrones season 7 episode 4 The Spoils of War

This episode has shown us how loyal Jaime is and thinking about the Jaime from the first season, we can see how his character has changed over the seasons, or at least the perception of his character: From a hated character to one who’s loved by almost all the fans. The battle scene is one heck of a visual spectacle and it’s as amazing at the Battle of the Bastards was and we are just in the middle of the season. It makes me wonder about the epicness of the penultimate episode of the season, which always has the best action scenes.

What are your thoughts about the battle scene? Let us know in the comments below.


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