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“It’s not the destination that matters to me”: George R.R. Martin on his “gratuitous” Game of Thrones food scenes



Have you ever wanted to attend a Winterfell feast? George R. R. Martin‘s Game of Thrones is well known for its accurate depiction of the tastes and sights of Westeros. The delectable dishes that serve as the backdrop for this incredible universe are now available in the Official Game of Thrones Cookbook. Martin recently revealed why he pays special attention to the food in Westeros in the foreward.

Why George R. R. Martin pays special attention to food

The readers of A Song of Ice & Fire know how Martin goes into detail about the taste of the food being served in a particular scene. Martin wrote in the foreward to the cookbook:

“When used in the context of literary criticism, ‘gratuitous’ usually translates to ‘more than I wanted’ or ‘did not advance the plot’ And you know, often that is true. Was it necessary for me to mention that the minor knight who just entered the lists bore seven golden hedgehogs on a field of dark green? In that sex scene, couldn’t I just have tumbled them into bed and cut to ‘the next morning’? And the feasts, oh those feasts, surely the only thing that mattered was what the characters were saying, not the honey-roasted duck they were eating as they said it? Well, no. Not for me.”
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George R. R. Martin wants his readers to taste the food

Martin’s writing skills are legendary, despite being very slow. The way he writes about the cuisine almost makes you taste it. He added:

“It’s not the destination that matters to me, it’s the journey. I have been a voracious reader for as long as I can remember. A reader of fiction, specifically. Fiction is not about getting from point A to point B as fast as possible. It can educate, but it is not educational at heart. For that, nonfiction is infinitely superior. Fiction is about emotion. The heart, not the head. Fiction gives us vicarious experience. It takes us beyond ourselves and the world around us. When they sit down at my table, I want them to taste the food.”
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The Official Game of Thrones Cookbook: Recipes from King's Landing to the Dothraki Sea
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The book is created by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, who tends the popular “Inn at the Crossroads” food blog and co-authored A Feast of Ice and Fire. Her Maester Alton is curious, food-obsessed, and loves the fare of the highborn and small folk alike. His recipes evoke the world’s regions, history, and stories in a charming and knowledgeable voice.

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