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We have launched the Dothraki Dictionary as an experiment to offer a useful feature for our readers. If you can help us in improving this feature or want to share suggestions about how we can improve it, please drop us a message. We also welcome suggestions about any tools or games that fans of the show/books will love.

Galloping across Essos on horses as strong as them, the Dothraki tribe speaks in their native Dothraki language. A Khal may command the armies, but their souls are free to experience the true pleasures of life.

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What is the Dothraki language?

Created by David J. Peterson, the Dothraki language was used by the Khalasar in the HBO show Game of Thrones. At the beginning of the show, Daenerys Targaryen is married off to Khal Drogo. This is the turning point in her life as she learns how to live with the Dothraki tribe and make her place in their hearts. Slowly, she learns the language and becomes the true Khaleesi, able to command the respect and admiration of the Khalasar.

Being a language of nomadic warriors, Dothraki does not have a writing system. Moreover, the speech is raw and authentic, borrowed from instances of Russian as the Dothraki tribe itself is inspired by the Mongolian ruler Genghis Khan’s armies. Peterson further elaborated that the language borrows breathy sounds and growls from the Arabic language.

What is a Dothraki Dictionary?

With this innovative dictionary, you can now immerse yourself in the gruff world of Dothraki. Learn the commands that ignite a fire in your Khalasar and send shivers down the enemy’s spine. Enter any word or phrase in English, and the translator will tell you how it would be said in the nomadic language of the Dothraki.

It’s time to experience what it’s like to be a part of a true Khalasar and speak the language of Khals and Khaleesis. The English-to-Dothraki translation will be as exact as possible, although certain terms may not have a Dothraki meaning because the language is totally fictitious. This translator can render popular phrases from the show like “my sun and stars” and “moon of my life” in Dothraki.

Is Dothraki a real language?

No, Dothraki was created for Game of Thrones by linguist David J. Peterson.

What language is Dothraki based on?

Dothraki is a fictional language spoken by the Dothraki tribe in Game of Thrones, created by inspirations from languages of the Russian, Mongolian, and Arabic languages.

Dothraki Dictionary by Wiki of Thrones

This Dothraki Dictionary by Wiki of Thrones uses the Dothraki language and resources created by David J. Peterson, like our Valyrian Dictionary. Uses code by Luca Ongaro, 2022, MIT license.

Disclaimer: Dothraki Dictionary by Wiki of Thrones is not affiliated with Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin, or HBO/WBD. All trademarks belong to their respective owners. The various properties for which David Peterson has created languages are all owned by their respective parent companies. All rights reserved.