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Yesterday, HBO released the first photos from the 4th episode of Game of Thrones season 7 and it showed us that Theon is going to reach Dragonstone and we now know that we will get to see a reunion between Jon Snow and Theon, and it won’t be a happy one, at least for Theon. […]

The 4th episode of Game Of Thrones season 7 is titled, “The Spoils of War” and HBO has just released the first photos from the episode and it reveals an unexpected reunion. Most of the photos are from Dragonstone, with the remaining ones from Winterfell, King’s Landing. Take a look at the photos below. Daenerys […]

The third episode of Game of Thrones season 7, The Queen’s Justice gave us the most awaited meeting in the show. Jon finally met Daenerys and there was also a reunion between Jon and Tyrion and also between Sansa and Bran. We also got to see Casterly Rock and Highgarden for the first time in […]

The latest Game of Thrones episode gave the fans what they had been waiting for since a really long time and the fans just freaked out. However, the meeting between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen wasn’t as friendly as many people were expecting it to be. Daenerys wanted Jon Snow to bend the knee and […]

HBO has experienced a cyber attack and it turns out that data related to its shows has been leaked online and it even includes the hit TV series Game of Thrones! Entertainment Weekly has confirmed reports of the hacking and it also reports that the upcoming episodes of few of HBO series have been released […]

This article contains SPOILERS from the latest episode. If you want to avoid spoilers, please turn back. The final scene of the latest Game Of Thrones episode, The Queen’s Justice left the audiences with mixed reactions. On one hand we witnessed the sad death of our favourite badass character, Lady Olenna Tyrell and we sure […]

Warning! The article contains spoilers and if you haven’t watched the latest episode, please turn back. All these years, Game Of Thrones has been a bit harsh on the Starks, with the family members dying tragically, their home being taken away from them and all of them being separated from each other. However, the situation […]

The latest Game Of Thrones episode threw up some big surprises for the fans. Everyone was wondering how Cersei was going to defend herself as Daenerys had Dragons, Unsullied, Dothraki, Martells and the Tyrells on her side. But it turns out that it’s Cersei who is inflicting all the damage. This certainly isn’t the scenario […]

Warning! This article contains spoilers from the latest episode. Please turn back, if you haven’t yet watched the episode. The latest Game Of Thrones episode opened with Jon Snow and Ser Davos landing at Dragonstone and to be honest I was really surprised to see the episode opening with Jon at Dragonstone. The showrunners are […]

In the latest Game Of Thrones episode, Jorah Mormont was told by Archmaester Ebrose that there was no cure for Greyscale, especially for a grown-up person and he politely hinted that he should take his own life to spare him the pain and suffering that he would have to endure, if he stayed alive. Hearing […]