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Who is Maisie Williams dating now? Is she married?



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Maisie Williams is known for her charismatic and fearless portrayal of Arya Stark in Game of Thrones. In the show, Arya doesn’t have much time for romance as she is always kicking some asses! Apart from the many suitors, Gendry was the only one with whom Arya developed a fairly romantic relationship.

The audience is well aware of Maisie Williams’ onscreen love interests but the more intriguing part for the fans is her offscreen relationships and affairs. Here’s everything about her dating history that the Internet knows about.

Quick Answer: The 27-year-old actress is reportedly single now after a five-year-long relationship with fashion designer, Reuben Selby.

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2014: Maisie Williams’ relationship with Youtuber Caspar Lee

Maisie Williams

Credits: YT/Caspar

In the 2010s, Casper Lee and Maisie Williams collaborated on several YouTube videos, especially around 2014 and the fans shipped them for a long period but the alleged couple never confirmed their relationship status. Their fun-loving chemistry was a hit amongst the audience but couldn’t materialize further.

Casper Lee is a popular British-South African YouTuber and entrepreneur. Lee proposed to her long-time girlfriend, entrepreneur, Ambar Driscoll, in December 2022 and is now married to her.

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2015-2018: The ‘Outings’ with Ollie Jackson

Maisie Williams and Ollie Jackson

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Ollie Jackson, a British professional racecar driver, was going on ‘outings’ with Williams. However, they never accepted or denied their relationship in public. They were living together in London and were often spotted together from 2015-18 on red-carpet events etc.

In 2018, in an interview with Elle UK, Williams stated, “Everyone just wants to have someone they can hang out with who is a friend and a boyfriend, and Ollie is that.”

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2018-2023: A five-year-long relationship with Reuben Selby

Maisie Williams and conjectured Husband

Credits: Marechal Aurore/ABACA/Shutterstock

Maisie Williams and Reuben Selby have been in a relationship since around 2019. Reuben Selby is a British entrepreneur and the co-founder of a modeling agency called “Contact Agency.” He’s also involved in fashion and design.

Reuben Selby was probably someone with whom she had the longest relationship and the two shared a dog as well called ‘Child’. Their relationship became public around 2019 when they started appearing together at events and sharing photos on social media. They often attend fashion shows and events together, showcasing their shared interest in the industry.

Selby was often quoted as Maisie Williams’ husband but eventually, they broke up. Williams announced the breakup on her Instagram story writing, “Since we met 5 years ago, our connection always extended deeply into our shared, and separate, creative careers … and it will continue to do so.”

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As with any celebrity couple, details of their relationship beyond what they share publicly are not readily available, as they both respect their privacy. According to the news in the public domain, the Game of Thrones actress is very much single. And, yes she is not married to anyone yet.

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