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Black and Green fans argue over whether Sunfyre is the most beautiful dragon in House of the Dragon




Scheduled to premiere in the summer of 2024, fans are looking forward to House of the Dragon’s second season. We will be introduced to numerous magical fire-breathing mounts of House Targaryen when the Dance of the Dragons gets underway. Among them is King Aegon I Targaryen’s Sunfyre the Golden, the most beautiful dragon in Westerosi history. As George R. R. Martin himself states in Fire & Blood “Sunfyre was said to be the most beautiful dragon ever seen upon the earth”. However, not all fans agree with that claim.

Is Sunfyre the Golden the most beautiful dragon in Westeros?

After being teased in the first season of House of the Dragon, Aegon I’s Sunfyre finally makes a full-fledged appearance in the Green trailer for Season 2. According to Fire & Blood, the gold beast is often considered the most beautiful dragon ever owned by Targaryens seen upon the earth. An excerpt from Martin’s novel reads:

“Both Aegon and Helaena were dragonriders. Helaena now flew Dreamfyre, the she-dragon who had once carried Rhaena, Maegor the Cruel’s “Black Bride,” whilst her brother Aegon’s young Sunfyre was said to be the most beautiful dragon ever seen upon the earth. Even Prince Daeron had a dragon, a lovely blue she-dragon named Tessarion, though he had yet to ride. Only the middle son, Prince Aemond, remained dragonless, but His Grace had hopes of rectifying that, and had put forward the notion that perhaps the court might sojourn at Dragonstone after the funeral.”

However, the opinions are often divided.

The Green and the Black fans argue if Sunfyre is really the prettiest dragon

The triple trailer drop surprised fans all over the world, and they have been taking sides ever since. While the supporters of the Green faction stuck to their claims, the Black fans proposed other dragons like Meleys and Seasmoke who look better.

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