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Game of Thrones season 7 has given us many surprises and it doesn’t look like that’s going to stop anytime soon. One of the major changes this season was Bran Stark’s transition into the Three-eyed raven. He’s gone through an irreversible personality flip after seeing what he’s seen beyond the Wall. The fact that he […]

Game of Thrones Season 7 is already over halfway done. Last Sunday, aired the fourth episode of the seven, titled ‘The Spoils of War‘, and it is the best we have seen in Season 7 yet. The highlight of the episode was the ending, where Daenerys Targaryen attacks the Lannister army with Drogon, and the […]

Game of Thrones is a hit franchise, and it is one of the biggest brands in the world right now, with millions of fans. As such, the franchise has no lack of merchandise. We have seen all kinds of official licensed merchandise come out over the years, ranging from beer to bobbleheads. Now, we have […]

Game of Thrones Season 7 is now over halfway done. Last Sunday, the fourth episode aired, titled ‘The Spoils of War‘, and it showed Daenerys Targaryen finally warm up a bit to Jon Snow. Jon did a pretty great job of convincing her, by taking her to the cave with all the Dragonglass, and showing […]

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular shows on the planet, and it’s no surprise that the show is loved by not only us mere mortals but by some pretty big celebrities. It is currently a subject of discussion in a lot of big talk shows, and one of the more prominent ones […]

It has been a pleasant day for Game of Thrones fans, as HBO has released another set of photos from Game of Thrones season 7 episode 5, Eastwatch. It’s interesting to see new photos being released from the episode as HBO had released photos from Eastwatch just 2 days ago. While going through the photos, […]

Ed Sheeran got a lot of hate for his cameo in season 7 episode 1, “Dragonstone”. Fans weren’t too happy with the choice to cast the pop idol as a Lannister soldier. In fact, his brief appearance seems to be the most hated scene of the season so far. Sheeran even shut down his Twitter […]

BEST MOMENTS: 6. Jon & Dany get close in the dragonglass cave Despite their pride and stubbornness, Jon and Dany are finally starting to listen to each other. More importantly, they’re both catching some feelings. The chemistry inside the cave is real. 5. “Dickon” Bronn laughing at Dickon’s name. Simple and hilarious. 4. “Chaos is […]

Game of Thrones Season 7 is going really well, and last week we got to see what has been the best episode in Season 7 as of yet. Titled ‘The Spoils of War‘, the episode had a lot of action, and there was no doubt that even though Daenerys and Drogon set fire to everything […]

As most of you already know, HBO is facing a massive leak right now, with a bunch of hackers claiming to have stolen a lot of sensitive data, 1.5TB worth of it, and they are threatening HBO to pay them $7 million, to avoid it getting leaked. Game of Thrones is a part of this […]

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