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Props from Game of Thrones to be auctioned, here’s how you can get them

Game of Thrones merchandise is very rare to get your hands on, a prop from the TV show is even rarer. The cast members were themselves denied access to many of the iconic set treasures that were close to them. However, fans of both Game of Thrones and Vikings TV series have a chance to own valuable assets from their favourite franchises. Ireland’s auctioneer to Hollywood, Sean Eacrett in Laois, will be bringing the gavel down on his latest celluloid props collection, from Vikings and Game Of Thrones on Monday, July 26th.

The auction will feature thrones and costumes from the sixth season Amazon Prime and History Channel Norse series, and notably two other items of particular interest; giant candelabras from Game Of Thrones.

Sean is now synonymous with the auction of Irish film sets and props since it all started in 2016. These auctions also benefit the Irish film industry. The July 26th auction features props primarily from the six Vikings series filmed in County Wicklow, and two items of interest from Game Of Thrones.

Game Of Thrones

Lot 650 Pair of Tall Metal Candelabras, estimate €400-€800


Of the Vikings 120 lots, highlights include wooden thrones up to two metres tall.

Lot 544 King Alfred’s throne Vikings season 5 and 6; €300-500.

Are you interested in any of the above-mentioned items? There’s more on their website, and you can participate in the auction from there. Tell us which one of these got you interested in the comments below!