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The central idea of Game of Thrones is how everybody wants to sit on the Iron Throne. As fans of the show to an extent where we are pretty much obsessed with it, we too feel elated by the idea of sitting on the Iron Throne. We would be lying if we said that we […]

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV series, ever. Although the show bought a lot of success to HBO, but we often forget that HBO’s programming is full of hits now. One of such hits is Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, which is all set to return, and shows John Oliver […]

The cast and crew of Game of Thrones is currently filming Season 7 in Spain. Being one of the most popular TV series, ever, the show sees a lot of fan-made material, including a lot of spoofs and parodies. The latest, and one of the most interesting ones we’ve seen yet is titled “It’s Always […]

As you might remember, Cersei had her revenge on Septa Unella at the end of Season 6. Septa Unella (Hannah Wadddingham) is left in the dungeons, fully at the mercy of the Mountain (Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson). Now, we know things don’t turn out well for Septa Unella after Cersei swaggers out of the dungeons, in the show. […]

Hodor‘s death on Game of Thrones was possibly the worst death that the show has ever presented, and a lot of fans still continue to mourn over his sad demise of sacrificing himself by holding the door against the Wights to save Bran and Meera. Hodor, without having said a word apart from ‘Hodor‘, managed […]

Game of Thrones is a show of awesomeness reaching epic proportions, and fans of the show often find a number of different ways to express their love for the HBO fantasy drama. This includes tributes and parodies and musicals and what not. The latest addition to the expression of love for Game of Thrones was […]

Kit Harington and Andy Samberg have known each other since some time as they worked together on the HBO mocumentary 7 Days in Hell and they’ve been quite the friends. Even during the recently concluded Emmy awards, Kit Harington proposed to Andy Samberg when they were presenting an award and it was funny. After the […]

Game of Thrones had a wonderful Emmys experience with 3 wins and that took their Emmys award tally to 38 which is the highest for any show ever! However, before the awards ceremony started, Jimmy Kimmel was having some trouble finding a ride to reach the venue for the Emmys. He met many celebrities on […]

Game of Thrones stars Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, who play Arya Stark and Sansa Stark respectively, might not be pals on the show but are surely amazing friends in real life, who stop at nothing when it comes to spending time with each other. Both the stars are just as cool and fun in […]

Game of Thrones introduced us to actress Maisie Williams (Arya Stark), who might play a skilled assassin on the show, but in real life is a goofy, funny teenager. Maisie recently starred in a commercial for Three UK, an internet service provider in the UK, which has introduced a new technology called 4G Super-Voice, which […]