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Gemma Whelan reveals details about her awkward Game of Thrones sex scene audition

Over the years, Game of Thrones has had some fantastic cast members who have done justice to their characters. Every now and then, we get to hear a funny audition story or two. With a show that has a lot of sex and murder, auditions are bound to be a bundle of laughs themselves. The latest audition story we have is from Gemma Whelan, who played Yara Greyjoy on the show, and it involves an awkward sex scene and a farting horse. Read on!

Gemma Whelan was on The Graham Norton Show recently, with none other than legends Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine. She described what happened in the scene where Theon, well, got all handsy with Yara. She then went on to describe her auditions, where she had to pretend to be carrying out a sex act. Watch the clip from the show, below :

The funniest part is that Gemma said that she didn’t think that the casting director and cameraman weren’t too impressed with what she did. Adding to all the hilarity, was that there was a farting horse in the scene where Yara and Theon were meant to ride together, who apparently didn’t obey them at all and farted a lot. That’s definitely the weirdest and funniest anecdote from a Game of Thrones scene we’ve heard till date.

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