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Alfie Allen talks about Theon jumping from the ship and his future

Game of Thrones Season 7 premiered after a long wait, and with two episodes in, we can say that it has certainly started off well. In the second episode, called Stormborn, showed poor old Theon Greyjoy get a scare as Euron Greyjoy attacked the Iron fleet, and held Yara Greyjoy at the blade, and challenged Theon to save her. Theon, however, started quivering, and ultimately jumped into the water, reminding us of his Reek days. Now, as some of you might know, HBO has a project called Making Game of Thrones, which gives us behind the scenes insights into the show, and the latest one is an interview with none other than Alfie Allen. He talked about that jump that Theon took, the future of the character, and more. Read on!

First off, he talked about the scene in the last episode, where Theon Greyjoy was faced with a tough situation, and how it connected to his past :

” Going back to the imagery of what he saw back then, and allowing that to flood back in. Also, as an actor, having to delve back into something that was so long ago in his arc is pretty crazy. But it’s always been there throughout; it’s just gauging what brings him back, how much is created in his own head, and how much is an effective threat. I would say he’s in a better place, but he’s still definitely harkening back to those memories.”

He spoke about how it was to film the scene :

“It was a great thing to shoot. We had an amazing set up. It was all this crazy s**t out in a parking lot, and then they use a blue screen for the ocean stuff. I’m always excited to shoot the stuff between me and Gemma [Whelan, who plays Yara] because she’s fantastic to work with and we’ve built up a relationship over the years. We definitely feel like we are siblings. It was a heartbreaking moment.”

He was asked about what he thought went through Theon’s mind at that moment. Alfie replied :

“There’s conflicting emotions for him, because he’s sort of back in battle mode, which he hasn’t been in for a long, long time. The sight of blood is going to remind him of physical pain or mental torment. It brings him back to that place, and he’s torn as to what to do. The reptilian part of his brain just takes over.”

In the end, he talked about what to expect from Theon’s storyline this season :

“He’s dealing with decisions that he made a long, long time ago. Now he’s having to face up to those decisions, and the people who it really did affect.”

So, what do you think will happen to Theon this season? Tell us in the comments down below!