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James Hibberd teases Game Of Thrones trailer and says Season 8 will have the longest battle in cinema history




It’s been more than one and a half year since we got the latest episode of Game of Thrones ‘Dragon and the Wolf’ which had a number of easter eggs on what to expect from the next season. Talking about the updates we’ve just been treated with three-second-long footage from the final season, the first image on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, an exclusive cover story, and lastly, the month of airing. But, fans await a new trailer from HBO after a teaser called ‘Dragonstone’ which didn’t contain any actual footage.

But, Entertainment Weekly has recently confirmed that a new trailer of Game of Thrones Season 8 may just be on the horizon. On the recent podcast of EW, we got a discussion over the new season with James Hibberd and Darren Franich. Along with their discussion, Hibberd spilt some beans on the new season by saying:

“They spent 10 months filming six episodes of television, which would normally take about two months. That’s pretty crazy. And a lot of that wasn’t the big battle stuff, but the regular scenes of two people talking in a hallway…If it’s a scene that would normally take a day to shoot, they’d spend several days shooting, because they’re trying to so hard to get every little thing right. So they’d do take after take, from all sorts of different angles, so that in editing they have different ways to piece it together.”

Battles are really a big thing for the series – just take into account the big battles from the episodes like ‘Battle of the Bastards’ or the Field of Fire 2.0 from the episode ‘Spoils of War’ from the last season. Talking about the battle, Hibbert said:

“But the battle is the big sexy thing…It’s shaping up to be what probably almost certainly is the longest consecutive battle sequence in cinema history. They’ve looked to try and find other ones out there, like [the one in] The Two Towers, in The Lords of the Rings, which is about 40 minutes, and in the movie 13 Assassins, which was also around 40 minutes. This is going to be longer than 40 minutes. It’s pretty nuts.”

Game of Thrones Season 8 filming at Winterfell set ends, more pictures of aftermathFrom the filming news this season, we all know they’ve built a huge set for Winterfell, expanding the Castle from Moneyglass studio. Talking about the challenges filming that 55-day-long battle sequence, Hibbert revealed:

“They massively expanded the Winterfell set. You can wander around, point the camera in any direction and it shows more Winterfell. One of the directors pointed out that even in a big budget Marvel or Star Wars movie, they usually only build what the actors are gonna stand directly in front of and fill in the rest with green screen.”

“But for this set and a few others too, they built it as a 360º set, so you don’t have to fill it in with special effects; you don’t have to favour one particular angle; you can have cameras follow people around; you can do unusual angles and come up with different things on the day of shooting. So it allows a lot more creativity, and it helps the actors.”

“No acting required. They’re running around these sets, fighting, with fake blood on the snow, snow flying everywhere, torches burning, fires and smoke; it feels like you’re right there.”

Entertainment Weekly releases 16 unseen behind-the-scenes photos from the sets of Game of Thrones

That’s quite some juice to get us out of the Long Night we’re all facing since the new season didn’t air for one complete year. We all know it took them a long time to film and even longer to fill in the CGI elements, which means we all can expect something huge from the team.

“What you want in any final season is things to be unexpected but also make sense,” he concludes. “So you don’t want anything to surprise you for surprise’s sake. You want everything to feel earned and to look back and go ‘okay, yeah, I could see how they were building to that.’ And from that I know from the final season, it does that.”

Hibbert also discussed the emotional table read that the cast members had – they’ve already discussed how emotional it was! Talking about the same Hibbert said that it was like “carrying around the pop culture nuclear codes in your head.”

Finally, Hibbert theorized that a new Game of Thrones trailer might be coming sooner than we expect. He had also discussed this previously in his interview published with Deadwood producer Carolyn Strauss who’s not only producing Deadwood but also the new season of Game of Thrones. Carolyn said in the interview:

“The new season is looking fantastic. It’s really kind of staggering in its accomplishment — and we still have a lot of work to do on those as well.”

'Beyond the Wall' becomes the second most watched Game of Thrones episode ever

On the possibility of the new trailer coming soon, Carolyn said:

“I gotta believe something is going to come out before too long.”

This podcast is already giving me chills for the final season and on the possibility of a new trailer which might be on the verge of releasing – HBO’s #ForTheThrone Campaign seems to be exactly pointing towards this!

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It turns out Sophie Turner’s tattoo was a major Game Of Thrones spoiler after all




HBO releases photos from Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6: The Iron Throne

About a year back, on the The Late Late Show with James Corden, Sophie Turner had showed all of us a tattoo on her arm that read, “The pack survives” with the Stark sigil, along with it.

Turns out we had a spoiler with us all along. For those of you who have seen the finale, will know what we are saying.

In the finale episode, “The Iron Throne”, Bran the Broken becomes the King of the Six Kingdoms, Sansa Stark becomes the Queen in the North, Jon Snow goes Beyond the Wall and mostly becomes The King Beyond the Wall and Arya Stark sets to fulfill her dream to become Nymeria and explore the world. Everything that each of them went through finally culminated into a bittersweet end. The promotional image of the pilot with Ned Stark on the throne almost made sense suddenly.

And turns out, Sophie Turner had already given out a major spoiler about this through her tattoo.

“It’s just a quote from last season,” Turner had said when asked about it. “Everyone figures that the pack really does survive, but it’s just a moral that I like to live by.”

She also said that some people had advised against her getting it just in case fans react to it the way they did. But she did not pay heed to it. Turner also took to Instagram after the airing of the episode.

“The pack survived,” she wrote alongside an image of herself, Williams and Hempstead Wright.

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Game of Thrones fans react to Jon Snow and Ghost’s reunion in the series finale




Game of Thrones fans react to Jon Snow and Ghost reunion in the series finale

Game of Thrones pulled off a sneaky on us. In the fourth episode Season 8, we saw Jon Snow leave Ghost without petting him. In the series finale, Season 8 episode 6, “The Iron Throne“, we saw Jon reunite with Ghost, and the fans loved it. Read on!

Jon had earlier sent Ghost with Tormund to the real North, while he was leaving Winterfell, and he didn’t even pet him. This had upset a lot of fans. However in the series finale, we saw Ghost waiting for Jon at the Wall, and they reunite, resulting in our good boy getting a long pet. The fans took to Twitter to appreciate this:

How did you react to Jon reuniting with Ghost and finally petting him? Tell us in the comments, down below!

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Game of Thrones Finale sees Arya Stark finally embracing her old dream




no game of thrones sequel says hbo executive

Game of Thrones series Finale gave each character their dues, some satisfactory and some not so much. But the Stark kids seem to be doing pretty well! Just as Sansa got her childhood wish, Arya Stark too took her first steps in a direction she always wanted to go.

This post contains spoilers, so stop reading if you haven’t seen the finale yet (but seriously, what are you doing? Hurry up!).

game of thrones sansa finale satisfying end

“What’s West of Westeros?” Arya Stark had asked out back in Season 6. She was talking to Lady Crane, an actress who helped her with a stab wound and let Arya stay at her place. That’s what she really wants, to go off exploring beyond where the maps stop.

She couldn’t then. Arya came back home, avenged her family’s death, saved humanity from the undead invasion and survived the carnage at King’s Landing. All her duties done, and Winter already receding, Arya now goes back to her old dream of becoming an explorer. In the last scenes of Game of Thrones Season 8 Finale, we see Arya sailing on a ship, journeying to the “west of Westeros”.

Arya had always been an anomaly in the rigid society of Westeros. She was expected to marry a lord and bear his children. But Arya never saw herself in that role. That’s why she rejected Gendry’s proposal in episode 4, even though she clearly had affection for him. She knew that marriage, even to someone she loves, will bind her in society’s expectations. Arya rejected that with all her heart.

Game of Thrones may not be as kind to everyone, but I’m glad at least Arya got her happy ending!

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