Home News Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams confirmed to star in X-Men spin-off movie titled “New Mutants”
Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams confirmed to star in X-Men spin-off movie titled “New Mutants”

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams confirmed to star in X-Men spin-off movie titled “New Mutants”


The cast of Game of Thrones is one of the major strength’s of the show, and the fact that they do justice to the characters written by George R. R. Martin, is definitely why the show has been able to take off so well. Now, we know that the show has had consistently excellent casting, and the actors who have starred on the show in the beginning of their careers have all gone on to be signed in for other projects equally as big. We already know how Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark on the show, became a part of Fox’s X-Men franchise, playing a young Jean Grey, and we recently reported about how she will be getting her own movie. Now, it has been confirmed that her bestie, Maisie Williams, who plays the role of Arya Stark on the show, is entering the franchise, too! Maisie has just been confirmed to star in the X-Men spin-off film, New Mutants!

There had been long-time rumors that Maisie Williams will be entering the Fox X-Men family, but a new report by The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed the casting. Titled New Mutants, the film will be directed by Josh Boone, who has also co-written the script with Knate Lee, and Simon Kinberg and Karen Rosenfelt are producing. The other major star announced to join the cast of New Mutants, is Anya Taylor-Joy, who has previously starred in The Witch and Split.

The film has been said to start filming come July. The storyline will likely be based on the comic book spin-off which goes by the same name, which was actually the first ever X-Men comic spin-off, created by Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod, which started in the 80s.  The story has a very Teen Titans-like vibe, focusing on teenage mutants like Native American Danielle Moonstar, Scots girl Wolfsbane, Brazilian guy Sunspot, a Kentuckian code-named Cannonball and Russian teen Magik, and an alien called Warlock.

It has been confirmed that Maisie Williams will play Wolfsbane, who is a mutant who can turn into a wolf, but is uneasy about it over her religious beliefs. Taylor-Joy will play the role of Magik, a mutant witch who can teleport. The release date for the movie has been set for April 13, 2018, so we have about a year to go before we get to see Maisie turn into a wolf, and we are really excited about it. What about you? Tell us in the comments, down below!


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