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George R.R. Martin can’t be showrunner on Game of Thrones spinoffs due to The Winds of Winter



George R.R. Martin

There may soon be a publishing date for The Winds of Winter, the eagerly anticipated continuation of George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. The most recent book in the Game of Thrones series was published in 2011, which is more than 12 years ago. Many of his fans are getting frustrated with him since it’s taking him too long to finish, even with his sporadic updates. His devoted fans will be grinning after his most recent update.

George R. R. Martin won’t serve as showrunner until he finishes Winds of Winter

Despite being the creator of the whole A Song of Ice and Fire Universe, fans often wonder why he never helms a series himself. Martin revealed on the Game of Owns podcast, “There’s part of me that would love to be actually writing and running all of these shows…but I can’t! You may not know this, but there’s this book that I’m writing…it’s a little late, but I gotta keep working on it and finishing it!”


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“Those are life-eating jobs,” he said. “It’s 24/7 to be a showrunner…You’re the one they call at 2 in the morning when something has gone wrong in Morocco…There’s no way I could do that and hope to do any of the novels. So my part in all of these things is generating some ideas, helping setting up, keeping it consistent with the world, and finding good partners to work with.”

George R. R. Martin met up with his publisher

Martin is well aware that he is more than a decade behind schedule. He has been working on his magnum opus slowly, but it appears that he has now reached a point where he is able to discuss its possible publication. He posted this on his blog:

“I also found time to meet with my British publisher, and my other British publisher, to talk WILD CARDS and A SONG OF ICE & FIRE and (of course) THE WINDS OF WINTER.”

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