Home News Game of Thrones actor Aidan Gillen lands what might be his next big role

Game of Thrones actor Aidan Gillen lands what might be his next big role

Game of Thrones actor Aidan Gillen lands what might be his next big role

The beauty of Game of Thrones lies not only in the fact that it has a lot of good characters, but that it beautifully succeeded in casting them all. One of our favorite characters from the show is Petyr Baelish, also known as Littlefinger, the manipulative and often perverted man who seems to be one of the two people playing the real Game of Thrones, with the other one being Lord Varys. Aidan Gillen, who plays Littlefinger, is one of the best choices of cast we’ve seen in the show, and it seems like he just might have landed his next big role. Aidan has now joined the cast of Peaky Blinders.

If you don’t know already, Peaky Blinders is quite a critically acclaimed show from BBC 2, in the period gangster epic genre. Aidan Gillen has joined the cast of Season 4 of the show. The show also stars Cillian Murphy, who plaus Thomas Shelby, the head of the Peaky Blinders, with Tom Hardy, who plays Alfie Solomons, the Jewish gang leader, and Charlotte Riley, who plays the role of Shelby’s former lover, and was last seen in Season 2.

New cast members added also include Adrien Brody, and Chalie Murphy. Talking about Season 4 , creator Steven Knight said :

“We have a dream team gathered for Series 4 of Peaky Blinders, coming to us for love of the series which is great. Adrien Brody, Aidan Gillen and Charlie Murphy give us a wealth of talent to work with. And with Tom Hardy and Charlotte Riley returning, we couldn’t have hoped for more.”

Season 4 has already begun filming in Liverpool, with premiere being expected in the latter part of 2017. The synopsis for the season reads as below :

“When he receives a mysterious letter on Christmas Eve, Thomas Shelby realises that the Peaky Blinders are in danger of annihilation. As the enemy closes in, Shelby flees his country house and returns to the streets of Small Heath, Birmingham where a desperate fight for survival begins.”

Sounds amazing! We wonder how Aidan will fit in. There’s only one small thought troubling us, however, and it is about whether Aidan’s casting in this show means that his time on Game of Thrones might be over. Although we have believed Littlefinger to be someone who will last till the end of the show, we can’t ignore the fact that the end of the show is almost here, and we might get to see some important characters getting axed now.

What do you think? Will Aidan Gillen be juggling between the two shows for the season, or will we be saying goodbye to Littlefinger? We’ll only find out when Game of Thrones returns with Season 7, on July 16th. Tell us what you feel, in the comments down below!


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