Home News Kit Harington shows off his dance moves filming for Dolce and Gabbana ad spot
Kit Harington shows off his dance moves filming for Dolce and Gabbana ad spot

Kit Harington shows off his dance moves filming for Dolce and Gabbana ad spot


Game of Thrones had a good run with Season 6, winning quite a few awards at the awards season this year, and Season 7 took a different filming routine than before. Filming ended at the end of February, making it the first season to be shot in the same year as it is scheduled to premiere. Now that the filming is over, the stars have time to do other projects, and Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow on the show, seems to be having some fun. Kit has been spotted dancing during the filming of an advertisement for Dolce and Gabbana, in Italy.

As you all might already be knowing, actors don’t rely on only their acting jobs for money, but on a lot of endorsement gigs, as well. Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen on the show, currently endorses Dior jewelry, while Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth) models for Valentino. Now, Kit Harington has jumped onto the major league, and will be the new face of the fashion giant, Dolce and Gabbana.

He was recently filming for the new spot for Dolce and Gabbana, in Napoli in Italy. Now, we know Kit to be a very brooding presence, but he was seen dancing, and clearly enjoying it, in a video captured by a fan. Check it out below :

Yep. The King in the North really can groove, can’t he?

Meanwhile, on Game of Thrones, Kit’s character Jon Snow is about to be seen facing some tough times, with Daenerys and him due for a meeting, the Winter roughness, and the urgency to take care of the White Walkers while trying to keep whatever’s left of his family, safe. So, we’re glad to see Kit having fun, because when Game of Thrones Season 7 drops on July 16th, we will have to see Kit taking on a far more serious stance.

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