Home Theories Euron Greyjoy might be the next big villain on Game of Thrones according to this theory

Euron Greyjoy might be the next big villain on Game of Thrones according to this theory

Euron Greyjoy might be the next big villain on Game of Thrones according to this theory

Since season 6 of Game of Thrones is over and we don’t have a lot of stuff to talk about until season 7, its time to take a look at the numerous theories that go around amidst fans. One of these theories, as  YouTuber and Game of Thrones expert Alt Shift X, reveals how Euron Greyjoy might be the next major villain on the show. The theory starts off with Jaqen H’ghaar, the faceless man who has been the identity of faceless men in the Game of Thrones world since he was introduced. The theory is supported by the fourth book of A Song of Ice and Fire, A Feast For Crows, where a character known as the alchemist, whose description matches that of the man the original Jaqen transformed into in the season two finale of the show — is introduced in Oldtown, leading some to believe the original Jaqen now resides at the Citadel.

This whole concept relates to Euron Greyjoy as following: In the show, we saw Euron being introduced through the death of Balon Greyjoy, where it was presented as Euron having pushed Balon off of a bridge in Pyke. However, in the books, it is reported that Euron hired a faceless assassin to kill Balon, the man probably being Jaqen himself (the original one in the Citadel). The theory is further supported in a recently released chapter of The Winds of Winter, titled ‘The Forsaken’. The chapter, which is in the point of view of Euron’s imprisoned brother Aeron “Damphair” Greyjoy, and it hints at Euron’s sadistic behaviour to make a terrible sacrifice to the gods so as to win a naval battle.

The video below explains how everything might connected to this on the show, and how Euron might make a sacrifice to defeat Daenerys and her dragons, along with Yara and Theon Greyjoy across the narrow sea.

Since those watching the show aren’t aware of much when it comes to Euron, we can’t really say whether the show runners will follow the plot line of the books when it comes to this theory, given the fact that there have been many major changes in the show from the books. Now it remains to be seen what Euron might do in season 7. Also there are reports that Euron is going to make an alliance in season 7 and cause some serious damage. Take a look at the season 7 Euron spoiler.


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