Home News Game of Thrones on its way to become the most expensive show in the world

Game of Thrones on its way to become the most expensive show in the world

Game of Thrones on its way to become the most expensive show in the world

Game of thrones is a well known show, so much so that its one of the most popular shows in the world but going by few reports, its also an extremely expensive show and every episode takes a gigantic amount of money. Adapting a fantasy is anyway never cheap and when you are talking about something as enormous as game of thrones, its only obvious to spend millions on one episode.

According to a news report in techinsider, James Hibberd, a report said that, “The show easily costs north of $10 million per episode at this point – not that you’ll hear HBO complain.

Showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss had already had a conversation with HBO executives in season 2 where they asked for an additional $2 million dollars to shoot the famous “Blackwater” battle scene of Game of Thrones.

Hibberd also wrote in his report that, “The mysterious battle … represents the show’s first-ever attempt at doing what producers call ‘a proper battle. As in, there are hundreds of human soldiers on one side of a field and another army on the other side, with a classical campaign of engagement that is highly tactical and shown from start to finish.

David Benioff also told EW that “We went down on bended knee [to HBO]. ‘Just this once. Please.’ We were genuinely nervous about [the episode] for the whole time until we finally wrapped it.

The effort completely showed in the battle of Blackwater and it was one of the most iconic sequences on the show. But if we do the math, going by the estimate that one episode costs $10 million, and season six will have 10 episodes, it makes it a whopping $100 million for one season. And that’s exorbitant, but totally worth it.


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