Home News Game of Thrones revealed the directors for season 7

Game of Thrones revealed the directors for season 7

Game of Thrones revealed the directors for season 7

Game of Thrones season 6 ended with a literal blast, and left fans craving for more. Though the rumour mill about season 7 of the HBO fantasy drama has been brimming, there had been no official announcements from HBO for the next season in the coming year. However, EW has received official news about season 7, which consists of the names of the directors for the show. Some of the regulars have been pitched in, but there are only four names so far seeing as the season will be a short one, with only 7 episodes, which obviously accounts for fewer directors than usual.

The directors for Game of Thrones season 7 are as following:

Alan Taylor: Taylor directed the ninth and tenth episodes of season 1, and his impressive direction gave him four more episodes to work on in season 2, which included the premiere and the finale episodes.

Jeremy Podeswa: The season premiere was directed by Podeswa, along with ‘Home’, Jon Snow’s much talked of resurrection episode. Other than that, he’s also directed the sixth episode from season 5, which earned him an Emmy nomination.

Mark Mylod: Mylod directed episodes 7 and 8 of season 6, with the highly appreciated bits of the Hound’s introduction and Arya’s iconic chase sequence.

Matt Shakman: The newest director on board for Game of Thrones is Shakman, who is known for having directed episodes for shows like The Good Wife and Fargo. 

Based on these directors who have given us quite amazing episodes on Game of Thrones, we can expect some serious business to go down in season 7, which will surely be just as remarkable as season 6 was.



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