Home Theories This fan theory about Arya Stark and the Waif will blow your mind!

This fan theory about Arya Stark and the Waif will blow your mind!

This fan theory about Arya Stark and the Waif will blow your mind!

Arya Stark has been training with the Faceless Men to become one herself but now it seems that she is having a change of mind. In the last episode we saw that Arya was on the mission to kill Lady Crane by poisoning her rum. However, at the last moment she changed her mind and aborted the mission. It seems that Arya has decided to give up her training with the Faceless Men. All this was witnessed by the Waif, who immediately notified Jaqen about what happened and he gave the Waif the permission to kill Arya. Fans have been pissed after seeing the way the Waif behaves with Arya and many wonder if there is a reason why she hates Arya. But what if things are not like they seem to be.

Now there is a fan theory which suggests that Arya Stark and the Waif are the same person!

A Redditor named catNamedStupidity has come up with this theory that Arya might be suffering from a Fight Club type disorder in which she imagines the Waif. We have seen the Waif attacking Arya in the alleys and no one on bothers to help her. Also the Waif seems to mysteriously disappear after fighting with Arya. What if the water that she is drinking in the House of Black and White is causing her to imagine the Waif?

The theory says that Arya might be suffering from a bi polar dissociative identity disorder which has been caused by the water that she consumed and the Waif is just a representation of her inner self whom she needs to kill to finally become a Faceless Man.

Another Reddit user __JeRM went ahead and further added to the theory and it’s equally crazy!

I can see this happening in the show:

Arya and the Waif do battle, and after fighting valiantly, Arya is killed. We are all fucking stunned for a few moments (maybe even 30+ minutes if they decide to show other scenes elsewhere).

The Waif goes to Jaqen and announces that Arya Stark is dead. The waif removes her face to reveal that it was Arya all along, and Jaqen asks who a girl is.

A girl replies “No one.” – Credits.

Edit: Also, this will probably happen in the episode “No One” instead of the upcoming episode.

This just makes the theory even crazier! So what do you think about this theory?

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