Home Interview Fans reaction to Tormund and Brienne’s scenes surprised the director

Fans reaction to Tormund and Brienne’s scenes surprised the director

Fans reaction to Tormund and Brienne’s scenes surprised the director

Game of Thrones episode 4, Book of the Stranger which saw a lot of family reunions including Yara Greyjoy’s and Theon Greyjoy’s and Jon and Sansa’s and Margarey and Loras’s. And in an episode so interesting, something else caught the attention of the fans. This was the brief interaction between Tormund Giantsbane and Brienne of Tarth. At the dining table, Tormund was eyeing Brienne and this little moment caught fans’ attention. Even during the latest episode, The Door, we had a scene where Tormund was staring at Brienne and the moment she looked at him, he had a huge grin. All these scenes between Tormund and Brienne have the fans excited.

Tech insider recently spoke to Dan Sackheim, the director of the episode and asked him his response to fans reactions and Dan expressed his surprise and said that, “Honestly, I’m surprised anyone even noticed. I mean it was meant to be a little grace note, and the fact that it’s blown up with the buzz it has on the internet and on the blogosphere is kind of shocking to me. I think it’s great, and it was certainly a fun moment to direct,” Sackheim said.

“It’s cool because they’re two characters who are sort of expressly cut off from emotions. Certainly [Brienne] is. She’s not particularly forthcoming or feminine. She’s all about her charge, her duty, her responsibility, and you hardly ever get to see her as person. Tormund, you know, he’s a f—ing wildling! The notion of these two unlikely people coming together, I think it’s very cool. I’m very grateful that I got the chance to direct a little bit of humor in both ‘Oathbreaker’ and ‘The Book of the Strange.”

Well, It is very unlikely but if it happens, we will get to some amazing battlefield performances.


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