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Matt Smith would like to see Doctor Who “sort Daemon Targaryen out”

What if Doctor Who time-travelled into the realms of Westeros?



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Matt Smith, known for his portrayal of Daemon Targaryen and Doctor Who’s Eleventh Doctor was interviewed at the premiere for House of the Dragon’s second season. In the interview, he entertained a whimsical question: What if Doctor Who time-travelled into the realms of Westeros? As fans’ imaginations ignited, Smith gave us an insight into the blending of science fiction with fantasy. Let’s look further into the potential intersections of Daleks and White Walkers, TARDISes and dragons. Through his response, let’s figure out whether it is the Doctor who comes out on top or the Targaryens.

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Doctor Who time-travels to Westeros

Matt Smith’s playful yet intriguing response ignites speculation among fans, envisioning the Doctor riding a dragon. The idea of the Doctor taming the fiery nature of Daemon Targaryen, may add a delightful twist to the drama. Yet, amidst the excitement of imagining such a crossover, Smith’s words also describe the need for stability in Westeros. In a land where power is wielded with ruthless intent, the Doctor’s arrival may be the only way to bring peace to the realm. Here’s what Matt Smith said:

I’d definitely think he’d get himself on a dragon at some point. I mean he might even get one back in the TARDIS. I don’t know, I think the Doctor might whip them all into shape to be honest. I’d quite like to see the Doctor sort Daemon Targaryen out. Who knows? But, you know, the Doctor might come in and create his own sense of chaos, I have no doubt.

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Moreover, the idea of the Doctor returning to his time with a dragon, through the TARDIS proves that in the realm of Doctor Who, anything is possible. Whether he seeks to restore balance to the Seven Kingdoms or simply bring more chaos, the Doctor’s presence in Westeros promises an adventure unlike any other. As fans eagerly await the upcoming season of House of the Dragon, one thing remains certain, whether it is Daemon Targaryen or Doctor Who, we can except a brilliant performance from Matt Smith.

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