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Matt Smith recalls sharing panel with a young Kit Harington from a “very small show called Game of Thrones”

He also discussed who would win in a fight between Jon Snow and Daemon Targaryen.



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The fact that Matt Smith has been in three of the most well-known franchises in the world is proof of his extraordinary acting talent. He has seen the best and the worst of it all, whether it was the mysterious former Doctor Who, a Marvel villain in Morbius, or an insane Prince Daemon Targaryen in the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon. He recently recalled meeting Kit Harington, during the early days of Game of Thrones.

Matt Smith met Kit Harington at SDCC 2013

In his recent visit to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Smith reminisced about meeting Kit Harington when he was fresh into portraying Jon Snow on Game of Thrones. The duo met at SDCC in 2013 when Smith was playing Doctor Who. Smith reminisced:

“Actually, funnily enough, I went on to do a panel with one Kit Harington. It was for Entertainment Weekly. And it was about young, aspiring actors. And he was in a very small show called Game of Thrones, and I was in Doctor Who. It’s funny how the world works, isn’t it?”

Matt Smith Weighs In on the Jon Snow vs. Daemon Targaryen Debate (Extended) | The Tonight Show

At the SDCC 2013, the two actors didn’t interact much, but they did share a grumpy attitude towards interacting with fans online, especially on Twitter.

Before that in 2011, Smith had also met George R. R. Martin, apparently on a boat. He recalled the author was “lovely, affable, very charming.”

Who would win in a fight – Jon Snow or Daemon Targaryen?

Jimmy Fallon then raised the quintessential question: “Jon Snow vs Daemon Targaryen, who wins?” And Smith, in full Targaryen confidence, replied, “Wow, come on man. Jimmy… who would win in a fight between Jon Snow and me? Mate, I’ve got a dragon.”

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“Listen, I have a lot of respect for Jon Snow. Hey, Jon Snow is a bad boy, don’t get me wrong. Kit Harington, lovely man, lovely guy. I have a lot of respect. But don’t get it twisted. I would f*ck those brothers up.”

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