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Fans convinced Daemon Targaryen has an unexpected lover in the House of the Dragon Season 2 trailer



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Wild speculations and assumptions are flying across the board with the latest trailer of House of the Dragon Season 2. Tensions are rising and so is fans’ excitement as the premiere date inches closer with each passing day. Some fans speculate that we get to see Aemma Arryn in the trailer and even crazier speculations say that she’s in bed with Daemon Targaryen!

The ensuing civil war will certainly leave the Targaryen house split in the middle as the two factions vie for power and their supposed birthright. The fandom is picking at the subtle details that have been featured in the trailer for now. So many questions have risen over one particular scene that possibly teases the return of one major character from House of the Dragon Season 1.

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Is that Aemma Arryn in the House of the Dragon Season 2 trailer?


Credits: HBO

One particular scene in the recently released trailer shows a white-haired woman on the bed with a man’s hand across her throat. It seems to be a more sensual scene rather than a violent one. The question on every fan’s lips is who is this mysterious silver-haired woman? It is not Rhaenyra Targaryen because fans obviously know her well. So, who else could it be?

Aemma Arryn (played by Sian Brooke), mother of Rhaenyra Targaryen, was featured in the first season of the HBO prequel show. However, King Viserys chose to protect his son over saving his wife. This led to Aemma’s untimely death on the childbed.

Aemma Arryn

Credits: HBO

Crazy fan theories suggest Daemon and Aemma had an affair and Rhaenyra is their daughter

Some fans are assuming that this shot is from a flashback scene where Daemon is having an affair with Aemma. This is because the ring worn by the mystery hand is only worn by Viserys and Daemon.

However, it’s Daemon who wears the ring in this particular finger. Viserys has always flaunted the ring on his index finger.
Do you think Daemon and Aemma had an affair?x

There is also another theory going around that says Rhaenyra could be Daemon and Aemma’s daughter.

On the other hand, there has never been a mention of Daemon and Aemma having an affair in the source material i.e. George R.R. Martin’s books.

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If not Aemma Arryn, then who is the mystery woman?


Credits: HBO

Some fans are extremely sure that the man is Daemon, which he very well could be, given his knack for romances and affairs.

So, if this is not Aemma Arryn, then who could the silver-haired woman be? Another assumption making the rounds is that the woman is Alys Rivers, a healer at Harrenhaal. HBO recently announced that Gayle Rankin has been cast as Alys in House of the Dragon season 2. However, in the books, Alys is described as having had long black hair and it’s said that she looked younger than her years, so it’s unlikely that the woman from the scene is her.

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There have been murmurs of Daemon having an affair with Alys in the books as well. So, this assumption makes sense. Furthermore, tensions between Daemon and Rhaenyra have also been firing. This is seen in one of the last scenes of the trailer where Rhaenyra asks Daemon if he accepts her as heir to the Iron Throne. Rather than proving his allegiance, Daemon is seen as silent and lost in thought.

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