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Matt Smith (Daemon) calls his House of the Dragon co-star Freddie Fox (Gwayne Hightower) “astoundingly beautiful”



matt smith in house of the dragon season 2

The second season of House of the Dragon, scheduled to debut in the summer of 2024, is eagerly anticipated by fans. Based on George R.R. Martin‘s book “Fire and Blood,” the Game of Thrones prequel introduces a number of new characters from Westeros’ past. One of those characters is Freddie Fox‘s Gwayne Hightower, who didn’t have a lot to do in Season 1, but will play a major role in the upcoming installment. And Matt Smith (Daemon Targaryen) has high praises for the actor.

Matt Smith praises Freddie Fox, says he’s an “astoundingly beautiful” person

Smith, who has appeared in a number of major franchises from Marvel to Dr. Who, recently talked to The Guardian and stressed the importance of theatre. He recalled how his House of the Dragon co-star Freddie Fox described it, “I was talking about this, as one does, to the wonderful actor Freddie Fox, who is not only astoundingly beautiful but also a creature of the theatre, and he said: ‘Well, darling, you know, it’s where one sharpens one’s tool.’” 


Gwayne Hightower to feature in the Battle of Rook’s Rest in Season 2

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The Blacks and the Greens are about to lock horns in battle in the second season of House of the Dragon. While Daemon and Corlys will be leading the war for Queen Rhaenyra, Criston Cole, Gwayne Hightower and Aemond Targaryen will lead the charge for King Aegon II and his mother Alicent. There have already been several sightings of Fox and Fabien Frankel in costume at filming sites, further confirming the battle scene in Season 2.

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