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Who is Gwayne Hightower? Everything you need to know about House of the Dragon character




In recent photo leaks from the sets of House of the Dragon Season 2, we saw images of Ser Criston Cole in a heated exchange with a Hightower knight. This knight was revealed to be Gwayne Hightower, a prominent figure in the Dance of the Dragons.

Though this character was seen briefly in Season 1, it’s evident that his role will be further expanded upon in Season 2. This article covers everything we know about Gwayne Hightower.

Gwayne’s appearance, character, and life before the war


Gwayne Hightower, the son of Otto Hightower and brother of Alicent, was a knight of House Hightower and also served in the City Watch of King’s Landing. In the show, he is portrayed by actor Freddie Fox.

When Otto became Hand of the King to King Jahaerys I, Gwayne relocated to King’s Landing with his family. In the book series, during the 5th-anniversary celebration of Alicent and Viserys’ wedding, Gwayne participated in a tournament as one of Alicent’s champions. However, he was unhorsed by Ser Criston Cole.

Gwayne Hightower participated in the Heir’s tournament organized by King Viserys Targaryen I to celebrate the upcoming birth of Prince Baelon Targaryen. Prince Daemon deliberately chose Gwayne as his first opponent in the jousting tournament to insult Gwayne’s father, Otto Hightower.

In the first tilt, Gwayne successfully knocked Daemon backward. However, during the second tilt, Daemon cheated by using his lance to take out Gwayne’s horse’s legs, causing him to fall from the saddle and injure his face. Stunt performer Will Willoughby portrayed Gwayne in this sequence.

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What happens to Gwayne during the Dance of the Dragons?


After Aegon II Targaryen’s ascension to the throne and subsequent declaration of war against Rhaenyra and the Black faction, the Greens sought to retain control over Westeros and its capital.

Gwayne, under the orders of his father, was appointed as the second-in-command of the city watch of King’s Landing. His primary task was to closely monitor the actions of the commander of the city watch, Ser Luthor Largent, for any signs of disloyalty towards Aegon II.

In Fire and Blood, Gwayne and Ser Arryk Cargyll escorted Grand Maester Orwyle to Dragonstone to deliver Aegon II’s terms of peace to Rhaenyra, but the attempt was unsuccessful. In the series, Otto Hightower personally delivered the peace treaty instead.

We have also recently seen set photos of Ser Criston Cole having an altercation with Gwayne during a victory procession after a battle sequence. This occurrence happens during the Battle of Rook’s Rest, which is a change from the books. It points to the possibility that since Gwayne is involved in this battle, Cole’s argument with him happens due to his actions during it.

Gwayne’s Death and Legacy


In the midst of the attack by the Blacks on King’s Landing, King Aegon was recuperating from his injuries, and Prince Aemond was occupied with the assault on Harrenhal. Recognizing the vulnerability of the capital, Gwayne swiftly made his way to the stables to raise the alarm.

However, his efforts were thwarted as he was apprehended, disarmed, and forcefully brought before the commander, Ser Luthor Largent.

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Luthor remained loyal to Prince Daemon Targaryen, the founder of the Gold Cloaks and former Commander of the City Watch. In response to Gwayne’s accusation, Luthor fatally stabbed Hightower, killing him instantly. Luthor then ordered the city gates to be opened and facilitated the entry of the forces of the Blacks into the city.

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