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House of the Dragon reveals Ulf White’s parentage in Season 2 Episode 3

Is Ulf White telling the truth about his identity?



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The most recent episode of the HBO prequel show introduced us to Ulf White, a dragonseed who has been rumored to be one of the bastards of the Targaryen line. We saw Ulf enter a pub at King’s Landing, the same one where King Aegon II comes with his pals. Here, we got an interesting bit of dialogue which might have confirmed his true parentage.

Is Ulf White a Targaryen in House of the Dragon?


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Ulf reveals himself to be the son of Baelon, who was the bastard son of King Jaehaerys I. That makes him Jaehaerys’s grandson, and half-brother to Viserys and Daemon. He reveals this in hush-hush tones, claiming that Dragonseeds have to take care of themselves since the gold cloaks are never merciful towards them.

Given his white hair and a certain quality of deceit in his eyes, it won’t be a stretch to assume Ulf is telling the truth. He speaks about his grandsire who is also called the Conciliator, referring to none other than Jaehaerys.

You must have noticed how this season of House of the Dragon is introducing us to many secondary characters by giving a glimpse into their lives, albeit short-lived. From Alyn and Adam of Hull to Hugh Hammer, these characters have propped up a bit too frequently, leaving fans to wonder what role they would be playing in the Dance of the Dragons.

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What are Dragonseeds?


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Ulf uses the word Dragonseed to describe himself. This means that he is a bastard son of Valyrian descent. Like Stark bastards were called Snow and Dornish bastards were called Sand in Game of Thrones, Dragonseeds are bastards of House Targaryen and Velaryon.

Ulf further claims that he has the blood of dragons in his veins. This was not just a passing statement made for impact, but in reality, will be useful in the upcoming episodes. According to the books, various dragonseeds go on to claim dragons and choose to fight for Rhaenyra, the one true Queen. The Blacks have dragons but no dragonriders, so the Blacks decide to hold an open call for anyone who can claim a dragon of their own.

The abovementioned dragonseeds come up to the task and claim their dragons. They eventually help Rhaenyra in the Dance of the Dragons and serve her as the Queen. Being able to ride and control a dragon is the ultimate proof of a bastard’s Valyrian descent.

However, another gruesome side of this situation rears its head when the Blacks realize that the bastards are not entirely trustworthy of using their dragons responsibly. The situation may take a turn for the worse if not handled well since the start. We’ll have to see in the upcoming episodes of House of the Dragon season 2 to know how it all pans out.

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