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A major character’s death was foreshadowed in House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 3

Alys Rivers foreshadows a significant character’s death.



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Episode 3 of House of the Dragon Season 2 outlined a critical moment we will see at the end of the Dance of the Dragons. Readers of the book would have spotted the significant moment and likely been waiting for it. The moment in question is Alys Rivers’s prophecy, which foreshadows Daemon Targaryen’s death.

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The prophecy of Alys Rivers


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In the latest House of the Dragon episode, Daemon Targaryen strategically captures Harrenhal, one of Westeros’s largest castles. Arriving atop his dragon, Caraxes, Daemon lands at Harrenhal to claim the castle as a meeting point for the Blacks’ allies in the Riverlands. To his surprise, he encounters little resistance. The castle’s castellan, Ser Simon Strong, surrenders without a fight, expressing his lack of loyalty to Larys Strong, the current lord of Harrenhal.

Despite the easy capture, Daemon finds that Harrenhal is in a state of disrepair, and the liege lord of the Riverlands, Grover Tully, is too old and feeble to control his bannermen effectively. This initial victory sets the stage for unsettling events, including Daemon’s eerie encounter with Alys Rivers.

Alys Rivers is listed in Fire and Blood as a bastard of House Strong living at Harrenhal. She is known to be a healer and a midwife, but there are rumors of her being a witch with prophetic abilities. In the lore, she became the lover of Aemond Targaryen, guiding him with her visions and foresight.

In the episode, Daemon sees unsettling visions, which many believe are caused by Alys. He sees young Rhaenyra sewing Prince Jaehaerys’ head back on. He awakes in the Godswood in front of a weirwood tree and sees Alys in front of him. She tells him he will die ‘in this place.’ This is very likely a prophecy referring to the presumed death of Daemon in The Battle Above the God’s Eye.

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The Battle Above the Gods Eye


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The Battle Above the Gods Eye is one of the most critical events in the Dance of the Dragons. This fierce battle happens over the Gods Eye lake, near Harrenhal. It involves a duel between two dragons and their riders: Daemon Targaryen on Caraxes and Aemond Targaryen on Vhagar.

Before the battle, Daemon and a young dragon rider, Nettles, searched the Riverlands for Aemond and Vhagar. Meanwhile, rumors spread that Daemon and Nettles were lovers. Rhaenyra, believing these rumors, ordered Nettles to be killed. Daemon found out and told Nettles to flee to the Mountains of the Moon. After leaving Maidenpool, Daemon waited thirteen days at Harrenhal, challenging Aemond to face him.

Aemond arrived on the fourteenth day with his pregnant lover, Alys Rivers. After a brief conversation, Aemond passionately kissed Alys goodbye, and the two mounted their dragons for the battle.

The duel between Caraxes and Vhagar was a spectacular sight. Caraxes attacked Vhagar, locking his jaws on Vhagar’s neck. The dragons fought fiercely as they fell from the sky. Despite Vhagar’s teeth and claws wounding Caraxes, Daemon leaped from his saddle onto Vhagar and drove his sword, Dark Sister, through Aemond’s eye socket. Both dragons crashed into the lake and neither rider survived the fall.

The loss of Daemon, Aemond, and their dragons was a heavy blow to both factions in the war. Aemond’s body was later found chained to Vhagar’s corpse with Dark Sister still in his eye. Vhagar’s skull was displayed in King’s Landing, and Dark Sister was returned to House Targaryen.

Caraxes managed to crawl to the shore but died near Harrenhal. Daemon’s body was never found, leading to rumors that he survived and reunited with Nettles, though most believe his body was lost in the lake.

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