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A new dragonseed will be joining House of the Dragon in Season 2



One of the elements that contributed to Game of Thrones‘ tremendous appeal was its horrific and extravagantly realistic war scenes. It follows in the footsteps of House of the Dragon, which came before it and has so far produced some of the best action scenes on television in 2022. The Battle of Gullet, which will include some of Fire & Blood‘s most intriguing characters, is imminent, so there’s still a lot more to come.

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House of the Dragon Season 2 adds Silver Denys

So far, a number of Dragonseeds have already been confirmed from the House of the Dragon shoot in Wales. Recently, Redanian Intelligence confirmed another dragonseed character, Silver Denys, to have been added to House of the Dragon Season 2. He will be portrayed by Robert Rhodes, whose acting credits include Masters of the Air and Red Sonja.

Who is Silver Denys?

Silver Denys was a dragonseed from Fire & Blood who was a resident of Dragonstone. He claimed, though no one ever proved it, to be a descendent of one of King Maegor I Targaryen’s purported bastards. He had silver hair. But his silver hair was enough to make it seem likely that he had Valyrian ancestry. Denys attempted to take Sheepstealer, a dragon that Nettles ultimately claimed, during the Dance of Dragons, but was unsuccessful.

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