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12 details you might have missed in House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 2

Episode 2 had a few subtle references to future plotlines.



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Episode 2 of House of the Dragon Season 2 has many intriguing details for die-hard fans of the show. The show is now settling into a relaxed pace, similar to early seasons of Game of Thrones, with more character development and interactions between people. However, there are still plenty of Easter eggs and hidden details for fans to discover. Here are some of those details from Episode 2.

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Rhaenyra the Cruel


Credits: Max

This episode is titled “Rhaenyra the Cruel,” referencing her nickname in the book, “Maegor with Teats.” Maegor the Cruel was a widely hated Targaryen ruler, and the episode title refers to him. King Maegor also appeared in the opening credits of this season.

The title highlights the Greens’ propaganda, portraying Rhaenyra as a monster. During Jaeharys’ funeral procession, a bystander shouts, “Rhaenyra the Monstrous,” reinforcing this negative image.

Similarities between Jacaerys and Daemon


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Fans on Twitter noticed a small detail in the scene where Jacaerys is standing by the table in the Black Council room. Jacaerys stands with his hand on his sword hilt, just like Daemon.

This is interesting because of the scene with Baela and Jace, where they talk about Jace’s real father, Harwin Strong, and his adoptive father, Laenor Velaryon. Despite having these two father figures, Jacaerys looks up to Daemon and even stands like him, showing their similarity.

Addam of Hull and Seasmoke


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The episode introduces Addam of Hull and establishes the dynamic between him and his brother Alyn. We also learn that Addam is a shipwright. Addam wants to leverage their political connections to Corlys for profit whereas Alyn does not.

Later, we see Addam Velaryon picking shells, probably for a stew. As he picks up a crab, Seasmoke flies above his head. Addam will claim Seasmoke this season and encounter Rhaenyra and Syrax.

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A different Alyn


Credits: Max

Alyn of Hull, played by Abubakar Salim, differs in the show from the books. Both brothers were much younger in the books, which raised questions about their parentage. Some believed Laenor Velaryon was their father, while others thought it was Lord Corlys Velaryon. However, the show ages them, making it clear they are Corlys’ sons, not Laenor’s. Additionally, in the books, Addam is the older brother, but in the show, Alyn is older. This change means that if Alyn is legitimized, he will be the heir to Driftmark.

Ulf White


Credits: Max

In this episode, Aegon retaliated harshly against the murders of Blood and Cheese by hanging all the ratcatchers in the kingdom. During this time, we saw King’s Landing through the eyes of the smallfolk, who were devastated by this action. We also saw Hugh Hammer, introduced in the last episode, and his family’s hardships due to the war.

More importantly, we got our introduction to Ulf White, a significant character during the Dance of the Dragons. Ulf became a dragonseed and fought on the side of the Blacks, riding the dragon Silverwing.

Baela’s crossbow


Credits: Max

We see a touching moment between Baela Targaryen and Jacaerys as they discuss their complicated relationships with their fathers and their families. During this time, Baela is preparing for the war by training with a crossbow that she fires at an old wooden post, which she uses as a target.

In one frame, we see Jace within the target of her crossbow. Many fans have seen this as a foreshadowing of the fate that awaits Jacaerys. In Fire and Blood, Jacaerys and his dragon Vermax were shot down by crossbow bolts during the Battle of the Gullet.

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Aemond and the brothel madam


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Aemond’s encounter with the brothel madame, known as Sylvi, gives some insights into the lore of Fire and Blood. Aemond apologizes for Luke’s death and seems somewhat traumatized. He is proud that Daemon, whom he admires, considered him enough of a threat to send assassins after him, but he still seems vulnerable, remembering how his cousins bullied him when he was younger.

Sylvi could likely be Sylvanna Sand, who caused an uprising with Gaemon Palehair during the Moon of Three Kings. One of the whores dancing outside could be Essie, the mother of Gaemon and an accomplice in the plan to set Gaemon as king.

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Rhaenyra reading Targaryen history


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In the library at Dragonstone, Rhaenyra is seen reading a book that shows Aegon, Visenya, and Rhaenys. Visenya was one of Rhaenyra’s idols. She named Aemma’s expected child after her and picked an egg, though the child didn’t live. She also named her daughter Visenya when she was pregnant, but that child didn’t survive either.

Visenya was also an idol of Arya Stark in Game of Thrones, who mentioned her to Tywin Lannister at Harrenhal. Visenya wielded the sword Dark Sister, which Daemon Targaryen currently wields. Rhaenyra is also seen reading about the First Dornish War and the Century of Blood, possibly in preparation for the coming war.

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The Corwyn


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Rhaenyra arranges for the ship “The Corwyn” to take Mysaria to Myr, passing through Pentos. The ship is named after Corwyn Velaryon, the eldest son of Lord Daemon Velaryon.

Daemon Velaryon was the Lord of the Tides and head of House Velaryon during the reigns of King Maegor I and King Jaehaerys I Targaryen. Corwyn was also the father of Corlys and Vaemond Velaryon. Interestingly, in the book Fire & Blood, there is no ship named Corwyn.

Daeron Targaryen


Credits: Lucian Tumani

In this episode, Otto Hightower finally mentions Daeron to Alicent after being fired, saying he is in Oldtown. This mention of the fan-favorite character is significant, as fans eagerly awaited to see if he would be included in the show.

Daeron is the youngest of Alicent’s sons and rides Tessarion, the Blue Queen, in the books. In the show, he is not yet a dragonrider but may have already bonded with Tessarion. Reports indicate that Daeron has not yet been cast, leaving fans anticipating his future role in the series.

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Aemond foreshadows his future


Credits: Max

After the assassination attempt on his life, Aemond investigates his room and finds the hidden passage that Blood and Cheese used to infiltrate the royal chambers. He finds a coin under his table, which he picks up and holds in front of his eye.

Many have considered this a foreshadowing of the Battle Above the God’s Eye. The God’s Eye was a lake outside Harrenhal where Daemon fought Aemond and drove his sword, Dark Sister, through his eye. In the original version, Daemon positioned himself so the sun’s rays blinded Aemond before attacking him. The sun symbol on the coin may be a reference to this.

Aegon the Younger and Viserys’ toys


Credits: Max

Rhaenyra plays with her youngest sons, Viserys and Aegon the Younger. Both boys suffer during the Dance of the Dragons—pirates kidnap Viserys, and Aegon’s dragon is killed. However, they will become the future kings of Westeros. The toys Rhaenyra gives them symbolize their futures. Like Lucerys’ horse toy and Jaehaerys’ elephant toy, Rhaenyra hands Aegon a dragon toy.

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