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Everything we know about Ulf White



Credits: Enife on DeviantArt

In Season 2 of House of the Dragon, we will see the Dragonseeds, the next generation of dragonriders. Prince Jacaerys Velaryon recruited them to help the Blacks during the Dance of the Dragons.

One Dragonseed was Ulf White, infamous for his deeds during the Targaryen Civil War. George R.R. Martin has detailed this character’s life in his book Fire and Blood. This article will explain everything we know about Ulf White.

📜Quick Details:

Lord of Bitterbridge
Lord of Highgarden (claimant)

Also known as:
Ulf the White
Ulf the Sot
The Betrayer

Dragon: Silverwing

Born: Dragonstone

Died: In 130 AC, Tumbleton

Culture: Crownlands

Two Betrayers

Played by: Tom Bennett

Who was Ulf White?


Credits: Jota Saraiva

At the start of the Dance of the Dragons, Ulf was a man-at-arms who lived on the island of Dragonstone. His hair was completely white, which earned him the name Ulf the White. He could neither read nor write, and he was well known for his love of drinking.

When Prince Jacaerys realized that the Blacks would need more dragon riders, he called for potential recruits. This initiated an event known as the Sowing, known by some as the Red Sowing.

Many people from across the realm tried their hand at taming the riderless dragons. It resulted in many people getting severely burned and injured. One of the few people to be able to tame and mount a dragon was Ulf the White.

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Ulf White during the Dance of the Dragons


Credits: Kate Vigdis

Ulf managed to bond with the dragon Silverwing, who was a silvery she-dragon that Queen Alysanne Targaryen once rode. After taming the dragon, Ulf the White began participating in the many battles that would form the Dance of the Dragons.

Ulf the White and the other Dragonseeds, Hugh Hammer, Nettles, and Addam Velaryon, fought in their first battle, the Battle of the Gullet. Unfortunately, their leader, Prince Jacaerys, was killed during the battle.

Despite losing the prince, the Blacks won the battle. Ulf celebrated the victory along with his comrade Hugh Hammer. After the battle, he began to call himself ‘Ulf White’.

Ulf also participated in the fall of King’s Landing. He and the other dragonriders attacked the capital city in Prince Aemond Targaryen’s absence and captured it within a day.

After King’s Landing fell, Prince Daemon suggested that Ulf marry the daughter of the late Lord Stokeworth. However, Rhaenyra declined this request.

Instead, she dubbed Ulf White and Hugh Hammer knights and granted them lands on the island of Driftmark. Accounts say that after this, Ulf got completely drunk and rode through the streets of Flea Bottom wearing nothing but golden spurs on his feet.

Daemon suggested destroying the Baratheons and Lannisters for supporting the Greens. He then proposed granting Storm’s End to Ulf White.

However, the Sea Snake Lord Corlys Velaryon opposed this idea. Since he was the Hand of the Queen, Rhaenyra also decided to refuse the request.

The Two Betrayers


Credits: Doug Wheatley

Although it is not clear how Ulf White felt about the constant refusals, it most likely displeased him. This became clear as the war progressed, coming to a head during the battle known as the First Battle of Tumbleton.

Ulf White and Hugh Hammer were sent to defend Tumbleton, which was being attacked by the Green forces. During this battle, both Ulf and Hugh defected from the Blacks to the Green faction.

Due to their betrayal, the Blacks suffered a great loss at Tumbleton and lost two dragons. This event also earned the two of them the nickname “The Two Betrayers.”

Once they had changed their allegiance, Prince Daeron granted Ulf White the lordship of Bitterbridge. However, this did not please Ulf, who wanted to rule Highgarden in the Reach. Apparently, he did not consider Bitterbridge to be sufficient for his station.

It is rumored that Ulf White assaulted many women during this time and also killed and fed anyone who offended him to his dragon Silverwing. He also took to drinking at an inn called the Bawdy Badger.

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Ulf White’s Death and Legacy

Little by little, the Greens realized that the two dragonriders were proving difficult to deal with. Though they tried to intervene and stop the misdeeds of the two Dragon Riders, three people died, and twelve were wounded.

This was when Lord Unwin Peake and Sir Hobart Hightower gathered eleven other lords and landed knights in an inn called the Bloody Caltrops. Here, they conspired to kill the Two Betrayers.

They assumed that it would be easier to kill Ulf as he was known to be a drunkard, whereas Hugh Hammer was protected by his lackeys. After much deliberation, they decided to kill the two dragonriders and claim their dragons while they were in Tumbleton.

They requested Prince Daeron to attend the meeting and approve the execution of the orders. Prince Daeron agreed.

Taking the name of the inn where they conspired, the group named themselves the Caltrops. Prince Daeron signed off on warrants for the execution of both Ulf White and Hugh Hammer. But before they could strike, Addam Velaryon arrived with an army, triggering the Second Battle of Tumbleton.

Ulf White slept through the entire battle, where his comrade Hugh Hammer was killed. When he awoke and discovered what had happened, he told Lord Unwin Peake that he would claim the Iron Throne himself.

The next day, Ser Hobert Hightower approached Ulf with a poisoned cask of wine. Suspecting that something was wrong, Ulf asked Hobert to drink from it himself.

Ulf only drank after seeing Hobert drain his glass and ask for more. Though Hobert intended to cleanse himself of the poison, it was too late. The two of them died from the poison within the hour.

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