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Daemon Targaryen gets aggressive with Rhaenyra in new House of the Dragon Season 2 promo



Matt Smith
Credit: Max
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This morning, new promos have permeated the internet for House of the Dragon season 2. Rising tensions and bubbling emotions have taken over the fandom as Matt Smith, the actor who plays Daemon, explains the psyche behind this season’s events.

As the show picks up after the thrilling season 1 finale, fans are geared up to know where the narrative takes them next.

Matt Smith shares Daemon’s mindset in the latest promo video

Daemon Targaryen -riverlords House of the Dragon season 2

Credits: Max

Prince Daemon Targaryen is no stranger to battles for power and strategizing for a powerful next move. He has lived his whole life trying to prove himself worthy of power and the Iron Throne. His brother has always been preferred as the calmer, more stable choice. However, Daemon always believed that he was the one who could rule Westeros better.

The latest House of the Dragon promo shows Matt Smith talking about taking Daemon to uncharted territories. He has to deal with the loss of Rhaenyra’s son Luke while trying to focus on the war that’s knocking on their doors. Rather than wallowing in the grief, Daemon decides to take action and avenge his death.

Daemon’s anger and emotions take a turn for the worse before seemingly coming back on track. Everyone around him will face the brunt of his short temper as he tries to navigate life as Rhaenyra’s consort. He always envisioned himself on the Iron Throne. However, he is also trying to come to terms with the fact that Rhaenyra has a better claim to the throne. So, he will do everything in how power to support her.

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Smith also teases the addition of new characters and new locations where Team Black and Team Green will face off. His hard work and dedication towards the role is finally paying off. As a jovial and fun actor, it would have been difficult for Smith to take on a brooding charm as Daemon. But, fans can say with utmost certainty that he has aced it.

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