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Matt Smith poses with his House of the Dragon stunt double Eduardo Gago




Being a part of three of the most well-known franchises in the world is proof enough of Matt Smith‘s exceptional acting talent. Whether it was an insane Prince Daemon Targaryen in the Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon, a Marvel villain in Morbius, or a previous Doctor Who, he has seen the best and the worst of it all.

However, an actor is only as good as their stunt double, and Smith had tremendous help from his Daemon Targaryen stunt double Eduardo Gago.

Matt Smith and his Daemon Targaryen stunt double Eduardo Gago

Eduardo Gago is quite famous in movie and TV show circles, and has even worked on Game of Thrones as a stuntman before joining House of the Dragon. He has also done stuntwork in films like Assassin’s Creed, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

In House of the Dragon, he is acting as Matt Smith’s stunt double for Daemon Targaryen. A picture of him posing with Smith was recently posted by IMDb, even though the picture dates back to 2022. You can view below.

House of the Dragon Season 3 has begun production

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Because of the enormous popularity of the first season, work on the second season of House of the Dragon began even before the season finale. House of the Dragon’s second season is going through the same scenario, only further ahead of schedule. An insider report claims that work on House of the Dragon Season 3 would begin in earnest in January 2024, with active script writing and other very early work.

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