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Team Black wants Vhagar on its side: House of the Dragon actors talk strengths and weaknesses for the upcoming war



Matt Smith
Credits: Max

The HBO prequel show House of the Dragon is fully capitalizing on the buzz surrounding the season 2 release. Fans are excited to see how the Civil War impacts the Targaryen dynasty and brings their downfall. The press and marketing that the show is undertaking to get the word out are really working wonders.

Everyone is talking about House of the Dragon from athlete Shaquille O’Neal to every major publication dedicating their front cover for the actors. Now, the official X account of House of the Dragon has released a video where the major actors are talking about the team they would choose. The choice is pretty simple, but their thoughts are complex and worth knowing.

House of the Dragon actors choose teams

Rhaenyra and Daemon on the beach

Credits: Max

The latest video on the official page of House of the Dragon showcases the lead actors of the series. Interspersed with scenes from the trailer of season 2, we get familiarized with the thought process of each actor. Ewan Mitchell, who plays Aemond Targaryen, opens the video by sharing how this season focuses on the brewing tension and feud in the Targaryen family. Power and the Iron Throne have always been points of contention in King’s Landing, turning siblings against one another.

The actors then deep dive into the causes and effects of the feud that the viewers will get to see in the second season. Matt Smith then appears on screen, in his usual chirpy self, making jokes about the increasing deaths and grief on both sides of the war.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the confidence both sides experience in their claim. As Emma D’Arcy says, Rhaenyra feels pretty confident because she knows that’s what her father wanted. Alicent and the Hightowers have completely twisted Viserys’s legacy and Rhaenyra won’t stand for it.

Alicent, on the other hand, fell prey to her own desires and affirmations. She mistakes Visyers’s last words as his will to make their son King. Thus, begins a series of arguments and conflicts that will culminate into the thrilling House of the Dragon season 2.

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Team Green Vs Team Black

Credits: Max

The foundational difference between the two factions is what drives them. The Greens are working towards sustaining and consolidating their power. On the other hand, the Blacks are on their way to steal what is rightfully theirs. With dragons and adequate manpower on both sides, it all really boils down to efficiency and their strategy to bring their goals to life.

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Another key difference between the Greens and the Blacks is their leadership. The Greens seem to be struggling to appoint a leader even though Aemond has been leading the charge. Aemond appears to have ulterior motives as seen in the preview images after the battle at Rook’s Rest. However, keeping aside minor hiccups, the Blacks are more stable in their leadership as they all want Rhaenyra to win. Even though Daemon is seen questioning the authority of the Queen, he loves her and will do anything for her.

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