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New House of the Dragon season 2 poster hints towards a massive dragon fight



Criston Cole Galloping
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HBO has always been great at dropping easter eggs that get the fans of their projects excited. From subtle dialogue to hidden details in posters and promotional images, HBO is igniting new thrill in House of the Dragon fans. They have been hard at work trying to find the meaning of different depictions in the posters of the show.

The latest poster of House of the Dragon season 2 showcases the two leading ladies Alicent and Rhaenyra standing against each other. While showcasing the fierce rivalry between the two, the poster also hints at something darker in the background. Let’s break it down.

House of the Dragon season 2 poster reveal


Behind the two leading ladies of House of the Dragon season 2, we can see the Iron Throne. But on a closer look, we see the areas divided into shades of green and black based on the factions they represent. What’s more, we can see two dragons in green and only one in black, which seem to be in a face-off against one another.

New House of the Dragon season 2 poster hints towards a massive dragon fight - Meleys Vhagar Sunfyre

Fans have cracked the code and assume that this points to the massive battle that takes place at Rook’s Rest. The two dragons in green are Vhagar and Sunfyre which belong to Aemond and Aegon II respectively. The two brothers may be poles apart in various aspects, but their impulsive and short-tempered nature is ever present. They dive into the battle and face unparalleled consequences.

The one dragon on the Black faction’s side is Meleys which belongs to Rhaenys, the Queen who never was. This definitely suggests that the battle between the two factions will get ugly beyond expectations and both sides will lose lives.

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Spoilers ahead: What happens at Rook’s Rest in the books?


Credits: Max

Jacaerys and Joffrey Velaryon, Queen Rhaenyra’s sons, were itching to ride their dragons, Vermax and Tyraxes, and join the battle, but she would not let them. Rather, Lord Staunton was aided by the arrival of Rhaenys Targaryen, the Queen Who Never Was, and her dragon, Meleys, the Red Queen, alone over Rook’s Rest nine days after Staunton’s letter. But Criston was ready, and he set his scorpions and archers ablaze at Meleys. These assaults mostly missed the dragon, which retaliated by setting Criston’s warriors ablaze with dragonfire.

And that’s when Criston Cole set his trap. Roaring out of the sky on their own dragons, Sunfyre and Vhagar, King Aegon II Targaryen and his brother, Prince Aemond, launched an attack on Rhaenys and Meleys.

One thousand feet above the field, the three dragons engaged in combat. Vhagar fell upon them from above as Meleys locked her jaws on Sunfyre’s neck, sending the three dragons crashing to the ground. Meleys was shattered and shredded to bits from the fall, while Sunfyre had one wing partially torn from his body, but Aemond and Vhagar emerged unhurt. Aegon sustained fractured bones and serious burns. Beside the corpse of her dragon lay the burned body of Rhaenys.

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After seizing Rook’s Rest, Aemond, Criston, and the remaining greens killed Lord Staunton and his 100-man garrison.

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