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Alicent’s growing paranoia: Is Aemond up to something in House of the Dragon season 2?



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One of the standout scenes in the latest trailer of House of the Dragon season 2 is where Alicent stops Aemond from going too far. Yes, the Greens want to win the war, but as his mother says, “Not like this.”

This sudden change in Alicent’s stance leaves something to be desired in fans as they piece together supposed situations in the second season of the show. New images from the previews and set prove that Alicent is not completely on board with Aemond’s insidious plans for the upcoming war for the throne.

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Aemond has Aegon’s Catspaw dagger


Credits: Max

Images of Aemond and Alicent together show Aegon’s catspaw dagger on Aemond’s belt. With that sinister smirk on his face, it definitely looks like Aemond is getting the upper hand in every situation. Ewan Mitchell has already claimed that his character is taking the war to another level. Moreover, Aemond is going to be the most insidious character across Westeros.

It comes as no surprise that Aemond is taking charge in the fight. Aegon is a figurehead king as he is capable of no military strategy or battle instincts. Alicent, on the other hand, is growing fearful of Rhaenyra’s revenge as she comes at her with full force. Naturally, Aemond is leading the cause and making decisions in his favor.

Therefore, Aemond having Aegon’s dagger proves something dark happened between the warring brothers at Rook’s Rest. We already know that this spot has a larger meaning in the Blacks vs Green battle. It is easy to assume that Aemond and Aegon argue over something and fight with the latter emerging victorious.

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Alicent looks suspicious of Aemond


Credits: Max

A mother’s instinct is rarely wrong. Alicent’s worry about Aemond crossing boundaries and going all in just to win the war is completely justified. This is because Aemond is routinely challenging the lengths of everyone’s patience and waiting for a chance to break free. Even the trailer portrays Aemond on a stage way beyond the limits, open to doing anything to secure a victory.

When Alicent sees the dagger on Aemond’s belt, she also feels paranoid and suspicious of her son’s motives. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Alicent actress Olivia Cooke opened up about bringing that paranoia to screen for this season. She claimed,

“Everyone, it seems, has been spying on her. It’s this sense of peak paranoia within her own home. That had to really permeate throughout my performance. All of a sudden she’s of no use to anyone. She’s done what she was supposed to do — put her son on the throne — and now she’s discarded. Who is she if she can’t be the person to implement wisdom?”

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All of these hints suggest that the Green faction is going to fall prey to infighting, much like Rhaenyra’s constant conflict with Daemon. The two sides would need to get their houses in order so that they could present a united front on the battlefield. Such subtleties are what make House of the Dragon an intriguing watch. Fans have already cleared their schedules for June 16 to binge-watch House of the Dragon season 2.

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