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Getting Ready For House of The Dragon : Meet The Dragons – Part 2




Dragons are magical flying reptilian creatures, which existed on the continents of Westeros and Essos. They were considered to have been extinct for almost one hundred and fifty years until the events of Game of Thrones. In the TV series, we witnessed the rise of three majestic beasts who were brought to life from three petrified eggs, magically hatched by Daenerys. However, in the upcoming prequel House of The Dragon, we will get to see even more of these beautiful creatures. Today’s article is a continuation of Wiki of Thrones special ‘Getting Ready For House of The Dragon’ segment. For the next few days, here at Wiki of Thrones, you’ll find information about various dragons that might appear on the prequel series. If we missed your favourite dragon, do not worry, leave a comment below and we’ll cover your beloved beast in the next issue!

Today’s post covers three important dragons from the Dance of The Dragons lore – Caraxes, Sunfyre and Meleys. They are most certainly to appear in the upcoming prequel.


1. Caraxes :

Caraxes, the Blood Wyrm, was one of the fiercest dragons of the Dance of the Dragons event. He was first received as an egg by Prince Aemon Targaryen in the night following his birth in 55 AC on Dragonstone. Not long after 72 AC, Aemon claimed Caraxes, the fiercest of the young dragons present in the Dragonpit at the time. Aemon died in 92 AC, after which Caraxes was claimed by Prince Daemon Targaryen before his knighthood in 97 AC.


Caraxes was red, huge, and lean. In battle he was formidable, fearsome, and experienced. During the Dance of the Dragons, Caraxes was about half the size of the huge Vhagar, but still bigger than most other dragons of his time.

Prince Aemon first used Caraxes against the Dornish fleet during the Fourth Dornish War. Daemon used Caraxes during the War for the Stepstones. At the start of the Dance of the Dragons, Daemon landed Caraxes atop Kingspyre Tower during the assault on Harrenhal.

Caraxes and his rider Daemon died in 130 AC in a one-on-one battle over the Gods eye lake with Vhagar and Aemond Targaryen. None of them survived the brutal battle. While in freefall, even as Vhagar’s claws opened up Caraxes’s belly and used her teeth to tear off one of his wing-arms, Caraxes locked his teeth onto the larger dragon’s throat and tore it out. Vhagar and Aemond did not survive the fall. Caraxes somehow managed to live long enough to pull himself out of the water and onto the shore, even though his entrails were falling out and one of his arms had been torn clean off. The dragon soon died in front of the walls of Harrenhal. Daemon’s body was never found.

Caraxes will play a key role in House of The Dragon, and hence is sure to appear.


2. Sunfyre :

Sunfyre the Golden, was a splendid young male dragon ridden by King Aegon II Targaryen. He was often described as the most beautiful dragon ever in Westerosi lore. Sunfyre had gleaming golden scales, which shined like beaten gold in the sunlight, and pale pink wing membranes. His flames were golden as well. Huge and heavy, Sunfyre was a formidable fighter despite being young.


Sunfyre the Golden by Robert O’Leary


Sunfyre was born on Dragonstone. Although Sunfyre’s exact year of birth has never been stated, he was described as being a young dragon in 120 AC and 129 AC. Sunfyre is known to have been older than Tessarion. Although it is unknown when exactly Prince Aegon Targaryen claimed Sunfyre as his mount, he is known to have been claimed by the prince by 120 AC.

Sunfyre participated in the battle of Rook’s Rest, one of the first major battles of Dance of the Dragons. Even though he was accompanied by Vhagar, he was badly injured in the skirmish with the dragon Meleys. Although Vhagar and Sunfyre emerged victorious from the fight, Sunfyre’s one wing had been half torn from his body during the fight and was left flightless for quite a while. King Aegon was grievously injured as well, his body covered with major burns caused by the dragon fire.

Unable to fly and too huge and heavy to be moved, Sunfyre remained near Rook’s Rest to allow him time to heal. Ser Criston Cole stationed men near the dragon to guard him and feed him. Sunfyre’s wing had healed in a weird angle, but had given him enough strength to fly to a remote fishing village, where he recovered more for another half a year. He eventually made his way back to Dragonstone, reuniting with King Aegon. On his way back, he had fought and killed the wild dragon, Grey Ghost, suggesting he had gained a significant amount of his strength back.

Aegon captured Dragonstone with Sunfyre’s help. They met Lady Baela Targaryen and her dragon Moondancer in battle, which would also prove to be Sunfyre’s last battle. Although younger and smaller, Moondancer was also quicker than Sunfyre. She managed to injure Sunfyre further in battle and for a time was able to evade his flames, but was blinded when a blast of Sunfyre’s golden flames hit her directly in the eyes. Despite the fire, Moondancer advanced on Sunfyre, slamming into him and falling to the ground with him. Although both dragons survived the fall, upon the ground Moondancer’s speed could not defeat Sunfyre’s size and weight. Sunfyre eventually killed the younger dragon.

The battle with Moondancer had left Sunfyre even more injured than he had been before. He was covered in fresh scars along his back, had huge wounds along his neck and scabs on his belly, and had lost his right eye. He was rendered permanently flightless in the fight.

On the twenty-second day of the tenth moon of 130 AC, a captive Rhaenyra Targaryen was fed to Sunfyre by King Aegon II. Sunfyre stopped eating after that, and perished from his wounds in a few weeks. King Aegon wept upon his death.

Sunfyre will play a key role in House of The Dragon, and hence is sure to appear.


3. Meleys :

Meleys, called the Red Queen, was a she-dragon ridden by Princess Alyssa Targaryen and Princess Rhaenys Targaryen. She had scarlet scales and pink membranes on her wings, for which she received her alias, The Red Queen. Her crest, horns, and claws were bright as copper.

In 75 AC, Meleys was considered to be one of the swiftest dragons in Westeros, easily outpacing Caraxes and Vhagar. By 129 AC, Meleys had grown lazy, but was still fearsome when roused. Meleys was old, cunning and no stranger to battle.


Meleys by Targaryen via HOTD Brasil


Meleys resided in the Dragonpit in King’s Landing, never ridden before. She was claimed in the year 75 AC by Princess Alyssa Targaryen. Meleys became riderless when Princess Alyssa died in childbed in 84 AC. In 87 AC, Meleys was claimed by Princess Rhaenys Targaryen. In 89 AC, Rhaenys flew on Meleys to Highgarden, to accompany King Jaehaerys I Targaryen further on his progress to the Shield Islands. When Rhaenys married Lord Corlys Velaryon in 90 AC, she insisted on arriving at the wedding flying on Meleys.

Meleys fought her last battle in the siege of Rook’s Rest in 129 AC. Rhaenys flew Meleys to the castle to lend aid, destroying Criston Cole’s scorpions and spearmen. When Vhagar and Sunfyre appeared above Rook’s Rest, Meleys fought them in the air. She might have stood a chance against the older Vhagar alone, but not against Vhagar and Sunfyre combined. Meleys managed to close her jaw around Sunfyre’s neck, until Vhagar fell upon them, after which the three dragons crashed to the ground half a league from Rook’s Rest. Meleys and Rhaenys did not survive the fall. Rhaenys’ body was burnt to ashes, and Meleys was ripped to pieces.

Meleys will play a key role in House of The Dragon, and hence is sure to appear.

Which other dragons do you think should appear on House of The Dragon? Tell us about your favourite beasts in the comments below!


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