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Missing Daeron jokes continue as House of the Dragon cast answers most googled questions in new video

“That one we’ve not seen, Daeron.” – Olivia Cooke.



Olivia Cooke Emma D'Arcy Daeron
Image: Wired

The cast of House of the Dragon season 2 appeared in a Wired video to answer some of the most googled fan questions on the show. Based on the bestselling book Fire and Blood by George R.R. Martin, House of the Dragon delves into the past of one of the most majestic dynasties of Westeros. Naturally, fans have a lot of questions ranging from the characters’ ages to the real connection between the great houses of Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon.

Matt Smith, Fabien Frankel, Emma D’Arcy, and Olivia Cooke answer some questions, along with the younger group consisting of Ewan Mitchell, Harry Collett, Bethany Antonia, and Phia Saban.

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Even the cast doesn’t know where Daeron is

'House of the Dragon' Cast Answer The Show's Most Googled Questions | WIRED

Another question raised in the video is of Alicent Hightower’s sons. We see Aegon II and Aemond along with their sister in House of the Dragon seasons 1 and 2. However, their fourth sibling seems to be suspiciously missing from the picture. Even Olivia Cooke and Phia Saban claim that they don’t know where Daeron is. There were some rumors that we might see him in the upcoming season. But, it will be pretty tricky to explain his absence to date.

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Are Houses Hightower and Tyrell related?

Natalie Dormer Game of Thrones Margaery Tyrell

Credits: HBO

One of the most googled questions that the cast of House of the Dragon answered was if House Hightower is related to House Tyrell. The latter house played a crucial role in Game of Thrones where Margaery Tyrell marries into the House Lannister and becomes Queen. Olivia Cooke, the actress who plays Alicent Hightower answers this question and reveals that House Hightower is pledged to House Tyrell.

Moreover, in the book, it is detailed how Margaery’s mother was a Hightower. So, the two ladies of Westeros are separated by a few generations. Margaery Tyrell is a descendant of Alicent Hightower.

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What historical civil war is House of the Dragon based on?

For those who did not know, Martin was inspired by some real-life events while creating the narrative for House of the Dragon. The epic Dance of the Dragons or the civil war that plagues House Targaryen in the show is based on a war called Anarchy. Cooke tries to answer the question. She claims it’s based on the Battle of the Andals in medieval times but it turns out to be incorrect.

Connection between Rhaenyra and Daenerys Targaryen


Credits: HBO

While the two are related by blood, apart in a few generations, there’s another connection between Rhaenyra and Daenerys Targaryen. The former’s dragon Syrax actually lays the eggs that are eventually gifted to Daenerys and are hatched.

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