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House of the Dragon fan theory says Lucerys’ might be alive after Season 1 finale

Lucerys’ survival might have far-reaching consequences.



House of The Dragon
Image: HBO

Two years ago, the final episode of House of the Dragon Season 1 was broadcast, and it was as heartbreaking as viewers had anticipated. Novel readers had awaited this day with apprehension, knowing it would depict the demise of another pivotal character. Lucerys Velaryon, the second son of Queen Rhaenyra, was slain by Aemond and his dragon Vhagar while returning from Storm’s End where he served as an envoy. What if he actually survived that assault?

Fans think House of the Dragon’s new intro adds another dimension to Lucerys’ death

The new House of the Dragon intro that was added in the Season 2 premiere had a tapestry instead of a model of old Valyria. The tapestry, just like its predecessor, entailed the story of House Targaryen. At the end of the intro, we see Aemond attacking Lucerys, but the scene has an added detail.

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On the right side, we actually see Lucerys falling. In the scene that was depicted in Season 1 finale, it wasn’t clearly visible what really happened after Vhagar chomps down on Arrax, leading many to believe Lucerys was eaten alive. This tapestry gives a little credence to the story that Lucerys might’ve survived the fall, though surviving a fall from that height is next to impossible.

Lucerys, Arrax, Aemond, and Vhagar in tapestry art in House of the Dragon's season 2 opening credits

Lucerys’ death in House of the Dragon intro

In Fire and Blood, George R. R. Martin leaves an open end to what actually happened to Luke’s body. He did mention that there were some who believed the young prince survived the fall, one of the rampant theories among fans as well. However, more legitimate historians didn’t think that it was possible.

Lucerys and Rhaenyra’s farewell included an extra scene

The scene of Rhaenyra embracing her son Lucerys before his departure to Storm’s End is deeply emotional, highlighting their bond. According to a past report, there was an additional moment in this scene. In a deleted segment from the Season 1 finale, Luke returns to his mother for another hug, adding to the poignancy of the farewell as Rhaenyra sends him off to Storm’s End.

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