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Ewan Mitchell calls Targaryen Family tree a circle: House of the Dragon cast reacts to viral memes

Cast of House of the Dragon loves the memes around the show!



Tom Glynn Carney Phia Saban laughing
Image: Buzzfeed UK

In a segment of Buzzfeed UK’s Meme, Myself and I, the cast of House of the Dragon season 2 react to hilarious memes that are making the rounds on social media. The world of social media encompasses a lot of different elements that eventually shoot people and content to newer heights.

A variety of memes were presented to the cast of House of the Dragon as they laughed and reacted in their own styles. Tom Glynn-Carney, particularly, enjoyed himself immensely since he loves memes! Moreover, being a part of such a serious and thrilling show, such fun promotional bits help fans see the actors in a different light. At one point, Ewan Mitchell even claims that Aemond is innocent when compared to Daemon as the latter only enjoys violence and chaos. Here’s how the cast reacted to many viral memes from social media.

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Never name children after the characters of House of the Dragon

The House Of The Dragon Cast React to HOTD Memes | Meme, Myself and I

The first meme elicits hilarious responses from the cast with Phia Saban claiming, “I think it’s probably a safe bet not to name them after any of us because we’re horrible.” Ewan Mitchell agrees with them and claims, “I wouldn’t name my child after Aemond at all.

The entire cast believes that it’s a horrible decision to name a child after a character from the world of George R.R. Martin. Exhibit A appears to be Joffrey who Matt Smith calls a “murderous little bastard.

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The twisted familial ties in House of the Dragon

Another meme that pops up to get the cast’s reaction says, “Your mom dies and your dad rushes to marry his niece who used to be married to your uncle.

Hilariously, everyone finds it extremely rib-tickling. Mitchell sees the Targaryen family for who they are and claims, “So convoluted this family is right we’re all related we’re all connected in some way, the family tree is a circle.

Moreover, Harry Collett expresses interest in knowing how many incest-related jokes there are. To this, the host replies that they had to keep the video light. In reality, hundreds and thousands of jokes that poke fun at how incest-filled and forbidden romances make their way into House of the Dragon.

In another meme on the same context, actress Bethany Antonia also claims how tired she is of keeping track of who’s who. The House Targaryen family tree is as complicated as it gets with brothers marrying their sisters and nieces having kids with their uncles.

Aegon II floats through life

tom glynn carney

Credits: Max

Steve Toussaint, the actor who plays Lord Corlys Velaryon agreed with the meme that suggested how easy Aegon II has had it to date. The actor expressed, “That’s perfect just floats through life just falling upwards drunk, yeah and somehow he finds himself King.

Director played Game of Thrones theme to Aegon’s Coronation

To get the cast in the right mood, penultimate episode director Clare Kilner played the theme song of Game of Thrones on the loudspeakers. Mitchell initially suggested the same, and everyone felt goosebumps. Eve Best chimes in with the same opinion as that was a very interesting move on the director’s part.

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