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Alicent and Criston Cole’s relationship began days after the death of Viserys, says Olivia Cooke

House of the Dragon season 2 got off to a wild and passionate start!



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We expected numerous things from House of the Dragon season 2 including revenge, betrayal, sex, and even bloody wars. But the one thing most fans probably never saw coming was Alicent and Criston Cole’s lust-filled relationship.

While it’s too early to say where the showrunners imagine their equation going, we know that the two characters come from very different worlds. They seem to be attracted to each other and fulfill their respective needs. But how and when did their relationship begin? Here’s what showrunner Ryan Condal shared, and what Olivia Cooke thinks happened.

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Alicent and Ser Criston Cole’s relationship

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Being in close quarters for quite some time does force people to do the unimaginable. But seeing Criston Cole and Alicent together threw many fans for a loop. The same honorable character was seemingly in love with Rhaenyra a few years back. Now, he is not only supporting her enemies but also loving them.

The illicit relationship between Alicent and Cole has surprised everyone. Fans can’t wait to see where this relationship will go. Before that, Condal shares his view on how and when the two embarked on this inappropriate relationship in a conversation with Collider.

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“We don’t specifically get into, intentionally, when and where it started. Part of that is the fun of leaving it up to interpretation by the viewing audience. But it’s certainly a new thing, a new romance. And the idea is that these two characters have this very stunted emotional development, particularly in the world of intimacy with a partner. Cole, because he’s been a canned man his entire life in the order of the Kingsguard and his past sins with Rhaenyra and wearing that like a millstone around his neck.”

Alicent’s affair with Criston Cole likely began soon after Viserys’ death. After being married to King Viserys for over a decade, Alicent perhaps felt lost in terms of her identity and self. All she knew since she entered adulthood was preserving the Hightower name and making her father proud.

In the latest podcast episode, Olivia Cooke also said that this relationship might have started right after Viserys’ death. Olivia Cooke said:

“I think that sort of flame for him has sort of lived very quietly in Alicent this whole time. And I think they became closer as he became her personal knight and her sworn protector. Strange things happen in grief and in death, and sex is sort of this, like, the antithesis of death, really. And I think she sort of – even though she’s grieving the loss of her husband – She sort of feels liberated from being this caretaker.

I mean this was our sort of headcanon stuff, it’s not written, but we sort of thought it happened maybe, like, literally days after the death of Viserys, and they… became closer in Alicent’s grief.”

House of the Dragon season 2 explores Alicent’s physical needs

Alicent and Otto Hightower

Credits: Max

Secrets have a way of revealing themselves. It’s only so long that Alicent and Criston Cole can hide their relationship from others in the castle. As Condal also claims,

“She was married off at 14 years old to a guy that was 20-plus years her senior. She doesn’t really have a — certainly, she was physically intimate with Viserys, but I don’t know that they had a romantically intimate or emotionally intimate experience just because of the huge age gap between them. So it’s led us to this place where you see these two characters who don’t experience a lot of pleasure, experiencing great pleasure together in a nice way.”

Condal’s remarks make us believe that their relationship is purely physical with no strings attached. However, only time will tell how this secret lustful relationship unravels for the two characters. House of the Dragon season 2 has gotten off to a great start as fans have reacted positively to the premiere.

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