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Matt Smith and Fabien Frankel play “Know Thy Scene Partner” ahead of House of the Dragon Season 2

Daemon Targaryen and Criston Cole play a hilarious game in new promo.



matt smith in house of the dragon season 2
Credits: Max

With the upcoming release of House of the Dragon Season 2, Max has been sharing a lot of promotional material. This includes trailers, promos, and behind-the-scenes looks at the sets and cast.

Recently, Max posted a video of Matt Smith and Fabien Frankel playing a game called “Know Thy Scene Partner.” This game revealed some fun facts about the actors, such as how Matt Smith played for the football club Nottingham Forest when he was young.

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Know Thy Scene Partner with Fabien Frankel and Matt Smith

You can watch the full video here:

Matt Smith & Fabien Frankel Get Quizzed On How Well They Know Each Other | House of the Dragon | Max

In the video, Frankel and Smith answered questions about each other’s personal lives with mixed results. For example, Frankel didn’t know that Smith was the eleventh Doctor on BBC’s Doctor Who, a role for which Smith is famous.

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Frankel guessed that Smith played the third Doctor instead. Smith quickly pointed out that the show had been around since 1964, and the actor who played the third Doctor had probably passed away by now.

Another question was about Frankel’s favourite football club, which Smith correctly identified as Chelsea. When Frankel was asked to guess which club Smith played for while growing up, he incorrectly said Tottenham. Smith then corrected him, stating that he played for Nottingham Forest and Leicester City football clubs.

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