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House of the Dragon Season 2 premiere smashes Max’s viewership record

The viewership numbers bring both good and bad news.



Helaena Targaryen - Blood and Cheese House of the Dragon Season 2
Credits: Max

Fans were heartbroken and confused by the Blood and Cheese story arc and that Cregan Stark might not appear during the rest of the House of the Dragon season 2 episodes. But criticism aside, the excitement for the second installment of the Game of Thrones prequel is unequivocal. And that has now been reflected in the Max’s Sunday viewership number.

House of the Dragon Season 2 premier sets a new single-day viewership record on Max

Titled “A Son for A Son”, the first episode managed 7.8 million people glued to their screens on Max and HBO on Sunday night, according to Nielsen and Warner Bros. Discovery. While this is 21.9% lower than the nearly 10 million viewing figure of House of the Dragon Season 1 premiere last year, Max witnessed its highest single-day viewing figure last Sunday. These figures are slightly off compared to the viewership drop of 50% as noted in a recent report.

The buzz surrounding the new season was so high that the first installment of the show secured 1 million viewership, the highest since its debut last year. That said, now that the first episode of Season 2 has received positive reviews from fans and critics, it’d be interesting to see whether the second episode can outperform the first one in terms of viewership number.

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House of the Dragon Season 2 episode 2 airs next Sunday, and it might be the longest

The second episode of the show might stretch to as long as 72 minutes, expected to be the highest of all the episodes. We’ll know whether the longer episode duration enhances the narrative only when we see it. But if we go by Max’s promotional campaign, episode 2 will have an iconic and gruesome arc from the book, “Fire & Blood”.

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